Study Shows Stoners at University are Getting Good Grades

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With pot smoking at a 36-year high among college students, it’s good to know these young academics can be stoned and study at the same time.

In their Cannabis in College study, Inhale Labs confirmed that students who attend four-year accredited colleges or universities and smoke weed on a daily or near-daily basis (defined as over 20 times/month) are getting good grades—and there are a lot of them.

This growing demographic of college stoners has reached 10 percent, nearly doubling in the past two years. In 2014, that figure was 5.9 percent, according to University of Michigan’s Monitoring for the Future survey.

One-in-four college students said they had smoked once or more in the prior month, and nearly half said they lit up in the past year.

Less frequent tokers are also on the rise, noted the study, which was comprised of a series of online surveys with a sample size of 2,056 students this year.

With all this pot smoking going on, what kind of grades are students getting?

Let’s do the numbers.

The average self-reported GPA of daily or near-daily pot smokers is 3.2, which is slightly higher than the average of all college students (3.1). Study habits and productivity of frequent smokers also seem to be average or above average.

The study found that 87 percent of the frequent smokers reported having completed their assignments while stoned in the prior three months.

Nearly 70 percent had gone to classes and studied for exams while stoned in the prior six months. A whopping one-in-five students said they had taken exams while stoned in the prior three months. And three-quarters of the frequent smokers said they felt more productive under the influence of weed.

So, it seems the kids are all right.

From the ancient Latin manuscript of 1287, which has survived centuries as a college beer-drinking and a graduation song: Gaudeamus igitur, iuvenes dum sumus. Let us rejoice, therefore, while we are young.

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