T-H-See What All the Fuss is About: Exploring the Pot Party Trend

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What’s the coolest new trend in cannabis? Nothing less than weed themed parties, fully equipped with a weed bar, budtender and goody bags.

In January, Miley Cyrus threw a dope, weed-centric birthday party for her fiancé, Liam Hemsworth (most known for his work in the Hunger Games movies). The high-quality event took place in Malibu, California on Friday the 13th (cue spooky music). A source told US Weekly, “There was literally a whole bar with bowls of joints, laced chocolate and bags of marijuana for guests to take.”

According to partygoers’ Instagrams, there were also giant pizzas and, of course, fully-stocked goody bags, courtesy of Snoop Dogg’s company, Merry Jane.

It’s not just celebrities hosting cannabis-themed parties.

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado, Washington, Oregon and recently, California, Nevada and others, 420-friendly fiestas are becoming popular for anyone over the age of 21. How am I so sure? Because I threw myself a marijuana themed birthday party in December.

It was a relaxing Sunday afternoon at a beautiful backyard in Topanga, California with a view of the canyons. There was an enormous outdoor table covered in freshly baked medicated treats, joints, vape pens, other refreshing snacks like caprese bites and clementines, plus plenty of water. I invited all of my favorite industry people and friends to indulge with me, and we had a super chill afternoon.

Back in September, I went to my first cannabis party, White Rabbit High Tea, and had the time of my life. So when my birthday rolled around, I called host, Jessica Eriksen, to help plan my soiree. She helped me reach out to all of my favorite cannabis brands to sponsor the event, and the results were magical.

Picture this: We had joints rolled with the finest top shelf flower in Southern California, like Jesus OG, courtesy of Unrivaled Meds. We also had to-die-for medicated ice cream from Angel Haus. They brought two rich flavors, Oreo Cookies and Cream (which is my all-time favorite) and Blueberry Kush; both came in single serving containers so everyone was clear on how much THC they were ingesting. For the main event, we had a picturesque, medicated double-layer strawberry funfetti cake topped with pink-frosted vanilla donuts by Babinka Treats.

When the sun was going down and it was time to wrap up and order Ubers, I gave out the goody bags—the secret to a great and memorable party. Inside a cute paper bag stamped with stars was the ultimate cannabis enthusiast kit. It was fully equipped with a joint rolling tray, pre-roll and lighter courtesy of Ganja Runner Delivery Service. There was a 40 mg sativa capsule thanks to my friends at Truly Happy Capsules. Plus, a ton of edibles, including Kushy Punch gummies, Kiva chocolates and mints, a Betty Kronic energy bar and a Native Seeds protein bar. Everyone left with a Kush Kard to give to their loved ones during the holiday season. This way my guests would be reminded of our awesome Sunday afternoon for at least the next week to come!

This time next year, when recreational cannabis is available in California to anyone over the age of 21, I predict this type of party is going to become mainstream.

Sure, it’s been common enough for private party-goers to pass a joint around, but I’m talking about next-level cannabis parties—with hired budtenders and gourmet edibles. When any adult can pick up party supplies at a dispensary rather than a liquor store, it’s going to change the way we fiesta in California for sure.

Kelsey and Ian of Weed Bar LA  were hired to tend the “Dab Bar” for a Christmas party filled with baby boomers last December. Most guests were experienced with cannabis, and some even brought their own joints, but all were new to dabs and it took off swimmingly. As guests took hits from an electric nail (rather than a blow torch), Kelsey and Ian explained the process of making concentrates, how it’s much stronger than flower and can be very flavorful.

Kelsey described partygoers reactions: “They coughed, they sputtered, they got more drinks and came back for more and more! I was amazed they came back for thirds and fourths! I was thinking they would stop at one!”

Kelsey and Ian were sure to have plenty of water and delicious non-medicated food available.

“They ate more turkey and piled their plates higher for seconds with stranger combinations… There was much hugging and laughter and adorable dance moves,” Kelsey recalled fondly.

Who ever said dabs and parties don’t mix? These grandparents are proving cannabis parties are where it’s at, although it’s quite possible they’ve known this since the sixties.

Of course, we can’t forget about Chanukah! Max Montrose, founder of the Trichome Institute, hosted a cannabis Chanukah party last month in Denver, Colorado. His party was complete with sweet, medicated potato latkes with cinnamon and dates. He was sure to make two versions of everything, one medicated and one regular, so guests could eat as many treats as they pleased without getting too stoned. He also infused a few kinds of vodka, one that just tasted like weed that wouldn’t get you high, and another that would get you both tipsy and stoned. A night of miracles indeed!

Birthday and holiday parties aren’t the only celebrations going green.

Weed weddings are becoming increasingly popular in legal adult-use states, and there’s even a cannabis chapel in Las Vegas. There was an extravagant 420 Super Bowl party in Los Angeles hosted by the Good Life delivery. They enjoyed the game in Elton John’s old house complete with dab bar, cannabis-infused ice cream sundaes, plus other medicated and unmedicated snacks.

What does your ideal cannabis event include? We want to know, tell us in a comment below!

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