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Here are 19 excellent weed Instagram accounts we recommend you follow. You’ll find something for everyone on this list, from gorgeous marijuana photography and epic extract videos to hilarious pot memes and trippy art. Follow these accounts before they get deleted!

There’s nothing quite like some good old-fashioned pot porn. When we feel the need to appreciate our favorite plant’s beauty, we turn to @chewberto420. The photography featured here is the gold standard for pot pics. Chewberto’s impeccable skill shines through as he captures the beauty of cannabis in expertly shot still lifes. You’ll want to leave yourself plenty of time for a deep dive on this account.

Cannabis-industry stalwarts @pot_brothers_at_law are well-known to pot enthusiasts, particularly on the West Coast. Their account offers legal information pertaining to pot and allows you to keep up with the bros as they travel the country fighting for cannabis freedom. If you have cannabis legal questions or are looking for licensing info, @pot_brothers_at_law is a highly recommended follow.

A purveyor of quality medical cannabis in the Pacific Northwest, TKO Reserve is a positive and passionate force for the patients of Oregon and Washington State. Featuring photos by company co-founder Allie Beckett (@canna.obscura), @tko.reserve offers a glimpse of the inner workings of an ultra-organic, eco-friendly farm located in one of the country’s most beautiful locales. And for those all about that #farmlife, be sure to check out @tko.oregon.

@terpfeed & @minkloafs
Concentrate lovers, prepare to lose your minds as you embark on a journey to oil overload! The good people of @minkloafs and @terpfeed capture the ever-evolving extract market as you’ve never seen it before. These are seriously epic shots featuring the industry’s best concentrate producers. You will marvel at the scale and quality of the extracts featured on these accounts.

Detroit, MI’s @karl_kronic captures incredible pot shots that will keep you scrolling for more. His photos of twax joints, pot and hash are truly one of a kind. The colors of the product and design of the shot stand out in every pic. Be sure to follow @karl_kronic for some ornate bud shots that will have your mouth watering.

Whether you want to learn more about cultivation or live vicariously through other people’s grows, @grow.diaries is an essential follow. Cultivators around the world post pics of their plants along with all the information about their grow, like strain, source, growing medium, lighting, temperature, humidity level and more. There’s tons of valuable information to be found at @grow.diaries. Follow along with these grows at home and compare the posts to your own garden.

Legendary grower, breeder, author and photographer Mel Frank is still producing incredible cannabis after all these years. And lucky for us, he’s still sharing shots of his plants. Follow @melfrank420 for beautiful bud photos and grow tips. Plus, check out his throwback shots of the plants Mel grew in the ’70s and ’80s. His account is a rare and valuable retrospective of modern cannabis cultivation.

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Keep up with the glorious homemade pot, hash and oil your fellow cannabis enthusiasts are consuming with @haze_society, @hash_society and @rosinsociety. These accounts check all the boxes, whether your interests lie in old-school Moroccan hash, frosty flowers or freshly squished rosin. Give these accounts a follow but prepare to spend a couple hours down the rabbit hole as the variety on display will keep you scrolling.

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Colorado’s Green Dot Labs is unique in that it focuses on cannabis genetics and cultivation exclusively for extraction purposes. Translation? Green Dot knows concentrates. And Green Dot Labs co-founder Dave Malone is the authority on all things extract. His account, @greendotlabs_dave, is a wealth of knowledge featuring incredible photos of cannabis and concentrates. Follow Dave for all the extract info worth knowing.

The cannabis world lost a legend when strain hunter and breeder Franco Loja tragically passed away in January of 2017. But his spirit lives on in the work done by Strain Hunters. Arjan Roskam of Green House Coffeeshops & Seed Company continues to travel the world seeking out cannabis genetics and documenting his excursions, which have advanced medical-cannabis research and led to any number of incredible new strains and mind-bending hash. Follow @strainhunters for an inside look at these epic expeditions.

Raw Rolling Papers founder Josh Kesselman lives large and you can share in the fun through his official Instagram account. Stay up on all the latest Raw is doing around the world and marvel at the joy Josh squeezes out of life at all times. You can follow Raw’s official account (@rawlife247) and you can also read more about Josh in the April issue of High Times.

This hashmaker/cultivator’s account exemplifies the high life. You’ll find plenty of fascinating photos of incredible-looking hash and buds as @thedankduchess offers you a peek at her glam cannabis lifestyle. Plenty of video is mixed in with interesting photos representing all aspects of the industry. There’s something for everyone here.

If high-end art photos of pot and hash is your thing, look no further than @daves_not_h3r3_man. This account features mind-warping close-ups of trichomes, sauce, diamonds and much more. Well-lit and impeccably framed, you’ll want to order prints of these photographs. @daves_not_h3r3_man has plenty of video too, so get good and stoned, give him a follow and make an evening of it.

When done properly by trained and knowledgeable craftsmen and women, glass can be a mind-blowing medium. The unbelievably intricate designs and intense attention to detail found in the handblown glass pieces featured by @bestofglass are jaw-dropping. And when you remind yourself these pieces are also functional, it’s all the more impressive. The art of glass blowing is alive and well, and @bestofglass is proof!

Women are a major force in all aspects of the cannabis industry. For a female-centric view of the marijuana world, we highly recommend @cannabisfeminist. This account features the female growers, business owners and leaders shaping the industry. Keep up on all the latest events and products through a feminist lens with @cannabisfeminist.

Advanced Nutrients has become synonymous with cultivation success, as has the nutrient company’s founder, Big Mike. Travel the world with @bigmike as he extols the virtues of his nutes, teaches people to grow and lives big. You never know where Big Mike will end up next, and you won’t want to miss it. Follow @bigmike and keep up with his adventures. And check out @advancednutrientsofficial for more great cannabis content.

Chef and author @jeffthe420chef makes for an excellent guide to the rapidly expanding marijuana-edibles market. His account features delectable cannabis-infused dishes for every palate, from sweet (Cannabutter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie Balls with 1:1 THC/CBD ratio) to savory (a wake-and-bake breakfast of pastrami-wrapped salmon and poached eggs with 10 milligrams THC per serving). Follow @jeffthe420chef and keep up with the latest in the world of edibles.

Tired of all the fancy cannabis genetics and smoking accessories presented by professional, high-end companies? Well then, @worthlessgenetics might be perfect for you. The self-professed “creators of TreeStump OG, Lawn Clippings Kush, Sunset Pervert & master growers of Kansas City Ditch Weed” cater to the, shall we say, less-sophisticated cannabis enthusiast. And it’s hilarious.

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This one is pretty self-explanatory. @ifyouhigh is the place to go… if you’re high. This account features plenty of engrossing images and videos that become even more so… if you’re high. From trippy to funny to strange, @ifyouhigh has enough content to entertain for days. Just try to stop scrolling! You can’t! Assuming, of course, that you’re high…

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