The Game Becomes the First Cannabis Celeb to Own a Legal Dispensary

The Reserve owners Darice Smolenski, The Game, and Tek Smolenski

Rap superstar Jayceon Terrell Taylor, a.k.a. The Game, has just become an official partner in The Reserve, a medical cannabis dispensary in Santa Ana, CA—making him the first celebrity to play such a prominent role with a legal dispensary.

As The Game tells HIGH TIMES, “I’m the first and only celebrity to own a 100 percent fully legal medical cannabis dispensary in California. The Reserve services more than 3000 people.”

Reminiscing about days gone by, The Game says that at one point in his life, “We just smoked to chill and pass the time. This is before i knew anything about sativas or indicas and what all of that was. We were just smoking chronic… and at first, we were smoking stress. I remember when chronic hit the scene, around 1999. It was such an amazing thing, it was so bright green—stress was brown and looked like dirt. And I remember everybody getting so excited about getting out of the ‘poor man’s lane,’ and smoking like the rich fellas do.”

Now that he’s on top, what’s Game’s smoking regime? “I smoke daily,” he proclaims. “G-Stiks—I’m smoking my own brands.” His partnership with G Farma Brands includes smokables as well as Game’s personal favorite line of cannabis products, G Drinks, including G Lemonade, a 100 mg potable infused with liquid cannabis oil. “They’re really potent,” Game warns. Medical cannabis patients, take note—go low and slow.

So what does The Game like to do when he medicates? Well, for one, he says, put on some Bob Marley: “Bob Marley anything, that’s just what it is. You can be in California or NYC—it’s always the best weed vibes ever.”

And when does The Game like to burn one down? He shares his habits with HT: “When the sun’s going down. I’m mostly smoking downers, so at the end of the day, I like to partake.”

When asked about his weed-smoking cred, Game tells HT, “It has put me ahead of the competition. I’m at the dispensary as much as I can be.” And he doesn’t worry about finding good herb when he’s on the road, away from his own products: “A Game fan always has something up their sleeve,” he laughs.

The Game is on tour with his new album 1992 this fall, which, as everyone knows, will be the craziest American election season in recent memory. Game’s words of advice for voters: “I’m all Hillary. If I can encourage anyone to vote, it’s for Hillary Clinton.”

Check out The Reserve, and catch The Game on tour with his new album 1992.

  1. Love it! Nothing wrong with a celebrity helping a life changing industry gain more exposure! Glad to have you! Feel free to look us up anytime you’re in Las Vegas Game – MedizinLV

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