The High Priestess: Celebrating 4/20 and the Pink Moon

The Pink Moon will be made even better with some green magic.
The High Priestess: Celebrating 4/20 and the Pink Moon
Alexandra Herstik

We made it through the Retrograde and survived the shit-show of its aftermath! Puff, puff, pass to that. We’re here, it’s officially Spring, and no one can stop us from celebrating. And on this year’s 4/20 cannabis conscious day we are blessed with a particularly auspicious energy. The day before, on 4/19 in the wee hours of the morning, we are greeted with a Full Pink Moon; except this time it’s in air sign Libra…again. We had our last Full Moon in Libra on March 20th, and now we’re closing this cycle of romance, connection and harmony with another moon in the same sign.

What better way to honor and celebrate 4/20 than with a heart inspired by love, justice, and the need to share some weed? Libra after all, is ruled over by Venus; the planet of love, sexuality, beauty, and justice. This is all about feeling good and enjoying, which is what this holiday is all about.

And if you’re Jewish and celebrating Passover, which also happens to fall on 4/20, then you can totally bring a joint to your Seder, because weed is Kosher for Passover. Though it’s stated there must be a medical reason for working with cannabis, one could argue we could all use a prescription to relax.

Regardless of what you believe or how you celebrate, you can believe and celebrate the Moon and her cycles. Full Moons are the peak of the Moon’s journey through waxing and waning and it’s at this point in her 28-day cycle that Lady Luna is at her brightest. This is a time when we can manifest and when our intuition is on high; this is when the moon’s light reflects our ability to stand in our fullest power.

Full Moons can feel like we’re plugged into an electrical socket of the divine, when the energies in our bodies are buzzing and begging for a release. In Libra this can feel like romance, like we’re being swept off our feet into a parallel universe of smoke and mirrors. This air sign is sensual, they’re pleasure driven and they’re free spirits. Embrace this by taking time to reconnect with what brings you pleasure, with what feels good in your body. Libra invites us to embody our magick, to claim our fullest selves without shame and it is through this Pink Moon that we’re invited to return to every part of our heart.

And it’s on 4/20 that the Sun enters Taurus; the sensual, hedonist of the Zodiac, and the other sign, besides Libra, ruled by Venus. While Aries claims intensity and full throttle, Taurus is all about slowing down, enjoying the ride, indulging the senses, and being overwhelmed with pleasure. If there’s a time to smoke a fat blunt in silk pajamas and gold jewelry, it’s during this Earths sign-ruled season. The Pink Full Moon gets us in our hearts, and Taurus season and 4/20 get us in our body. We’re ready to enjoy!

The history of 4/20 is rooted in the celebration and excitement of getting to smoke some weed, which is a big-ass Taurus vibe. We can embrace this by creating an environment that fosters our appreciation for beautiful things and experiences. Do this by working with cannabis in a space that makes you feel luxurious, fabulous, and capable. Think adornment, wonderful smells and textures, and alluring lights. Let your senses guide you in creating a true palace of carnal desires (if that’s your thing of course) and get as creative as you’d like.

You can also read on for a few more hands on ways to work with this energy.

Alexandra Herstik

What to Smoke with Your Flower: Damiana

Damiana is a powerful aphrodisiac that is often used in oil blends, smoking mixtures and in food and drinks. This herb can be used to help us tap into this intense and sexual power of Aries as well as the connected energy of the Full Moon in Libra. Found in Central and South America, Mexico and the American Southwest, Damiana is my pick for this Full Moon because it’s ruled over by the same planet as Aries is: Mars. If you wanna share a jay with your crush, roll some of this in there to give that chemistry the extra boost. This is sensuality and heat, and my choice for blending with your flower for this moon phase. Just don’t forget to buy it organic!

To Raise this Energy: Breath of Fire

Although we move into Taurus season on 4/20, many of us are still in the intensity and flames of Aries season. Earth-ruled Taurus season can feel slow and too rooted after the expansive energy of the fire sign season before it. So, if you need some heat or if you need help clearing away some of the baggage that Spring has brought you, you can work with the Breath of Fire. This breath helps us clear and release anxieties, tensions and worries, and has the powerful cleansing effect of the element of fire.

To do this breath you inhale through your nose, filling your belly with air. Then you forcefully exhale sharply from your nose. This breath is quick and fast, and you do this as many times as you can in one exhale, before taking a big inhale and starting again. Try doing this for three to five breaths if you can.

This is not a breath I recommend doing while you smoke, though you could do it after taking a hit of something. And of course you can do this stoned on an edible, chilling on some CBD or completely sober. Create a ritual out of this if you wish, setting an intention before you begin. You may also choose to release something on this Full Moon cycle as it comes to a close, focusing on this as you exhale. Allow this breath to help release old fears, patterns, and worries and return to it whenever you need.

To Celebrate: Bring an Offering of Weed to Your Crush or the Seder

Why is there something so romantic about sharing weed with someone you like or care about? If you want a ritual to connect to the sensual energy of Venus, share some weed with your crush. Be present with them and let this be an offering of connection. Pass the joint or the bong or the bowl. Let the cannabis guide you deeper into your senses. Or if you’re lucky enough to go to a Seder that is 4/20 friendly, bring a joint and celebrate survival. Pass it outside as the kids search for the afikomen. L’chaim!

On this Full Moon and 4/20, may we be led back into the beauty of what makes us feel pleasure. May we return to our bodies. May Mary Jane guide the way in us connecting to our truest selves as fully as possible. This may feel overwhelming and intense, but I urge you to trust in the process and unfolding. Give into pleasure. Say YES and mean it. And enjoy all the delicious gifts this life is offering.

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