The Kind Pen’s Curren$y Limited Edition Vape

Just in time for the holidays! Curren$y has released this brand-new limited edition collabo with The Kind Pen — a top-of-the-line digital heating vape pen! The pen is for dry herb, and comes packaged in a box that is a smokers kit, for your lighters, flowers, papers or blunts.

Its currently on sale with a 40% discount for the holidays! Go to to purchase this limited edition now, Use coupon code SAVE40!

The world’s smallest digital herbal vaporizer has full temperature control via LED Display (350° – 430°) for vaporizing your favorite buds, 60 second full heat up time; battery level indicator and a one touch Smart setting. Its metal heating chamber (.6 capacity) and acrylic mouthpiece make the vaporizing process exceptional and drives the desired effect by baking rather than combustion.

Best of all, it comes backed with The Kind Pen’s LIFETIME WARRANTY! Follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and be sure to check out the video featuring Curren$y below!

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