The Linx Gaia

Fresh off the smashing success of the award-winning Linx Hypnos Zero, the world’s first four temperature coil-less vaporizer last March, Linx Vapor is at it again with the new, innovative and awe-inspiring dry herb vaporizer, The Linx Gaia.

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower” – Steve Jobs

With its innovative quartz heating chamber, clean vapor path design, unique air insulation, ultra-compact size, complete temperature variability and signature glass mouthpiece, the Linx Gaia is truly a vaping innovation for a new generation.

What’s the big deal about a quartz chamber?

Most dry herb heating chambers are made of steel or ceramic, and while they do a good job conveying heat, they have the tenancy to affect true terpene flavor. The Linx Gaia ushers in the next generation of innovation with its revolutionary quartz heating chamber (first in the market!) that eliminates steel and ceramic from the equation—producing purer, healthier flavor.

A clean air path is as essential as any other component when it comes to health and taste. The Linx Gaia is designed with innovative clean air path technology, making it one of the most health conscious vaping products in the market. Unlike most dry herb vaporizers, Linx Gaia allows for the incoming air to flow directly over the heating element, avoiding contact with plastic parts, electronic components or other unhealthy materials. This health-centric design brings out the best flavor and vapor production.

Combining convection heat with thermal insulation, the Linx Gaia is able to eliminate all unhealthy insulation materials used in most, dry herb vaporizers. This efficient heat delivery has the added bonus of extending the Linx Gaia’s battery life.

Size can be an issue with some dry herb vaporizers. The Linx Gaia, with its compact and sleek design, mixes style and compatibility to produce a truly unique vaporizing experience in the palm of your hand.

Complete temperature variability is the name of the game. Terpenes have different boiling points, and capturing their essence is an art. With complete temperature variability, taming these terpenes has never been easier.

When it comes to taste, the mouthpiece is of the utmost importance. A glass mouthpiece is the cleanest and healthiest option when it comes to vaporization. The Linx Gaia uses a glass mouthpiece that is free of plastics, paints or any other impurity, allowing the user to experience the best taste possible.

The Linx Gaia comes complete with glass mouthpiece, steel tool, cleaning brush and an innovative dual head micro USB/lightning port charger. Linx Vapor includes a free one-year limited warranty on every product. Order your Linx Gaia HERE.

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