The Lucas Brothers: On Drugs

Photo: Brian Friedman

After being the best part of 22 Jump Street, the stoner twin comedy of The Lucas Brothers is finally getting a Netflix special. Less a thematic title and more a description of the stand-up identical siblings’ chemical state while filming, On Drugs features the often brilliant stereoscopic routine of the laconic brothers, ranging from dark OJ humor (“You miss 100 percent of the stabs you didn’t take”) to the greatest double punchline featuring Jermaine Jackson ever written. High Times caught the brothers by phone. It was noon.

HT: Where you guys at?

Kenny: Right now we’re in sunny California. Hollywood.

What are you doing there?

Kenny: Killin’.

Keith: Killin’. Livin’. Smoking weed. You know how it is.

Just all that. Nothing else.

Keith & Kenny: (laugh)

That’s nice. Well, I won’t keep you long. I know you guys are busy.

Keith: Oh you’d be surprised. I’m in bed right now.

I wanted to ask about Bret “The Hitman” Hart. Why’s he your favorite wrestler?

Keith: First, I just thought he looked cool. I liked the pink and black. He knew how to tell the story. I think that’s how he got the fans on his side. When you’re a small kid, you gravitate toward the underdog. And he was the quintessential underdog.

Kenny: I loved his music.

His entry music?

Kenny: It gives me chills. And he just seemed like a good guy, on and off camera. So it felt easy to root for him.

Plus his sunglasses were awesome.

Keith: His sunglasses, his fuckin – That was like my goal in life, just to sit front row in wrestling to get those sunglasses.

Kenny: And like much the rest of your life, it didn’t happen and was very disappointing.

Keith: (laughs)

In the special, you mention taking pot and mushrooms. Have you taken any other drugs?

Kenny: Molly. Acid. Cocaine. Uh… I’ve done them all.

Keith: We’ve never done heroin or meth.

No, those are the ones.

Keith: Strongly advise against those. They could be great. But I’ve never tried them because I feel like you could die from them? So maybe that’s not the way to go. I don’t like prescription drugs. I’m into psychedelics, but primarily just weed.

Kenny: I think marijuana’s all you need.

Keith: It’s all you need.

You’re both very open about your experience with drugs. How do you remain comfortable artistically about that topic while you’re in the public eye?

Kenny: I think everyone’s on some type of drug. It’s either going to be described as a drug or it’s not, but I think either you’re boozing or you’re smoking cigarettes or you’re doing something, some prescription drug, and I think the problem is in America we can’t have an honest conversation with the fact that, you know, we’re a pretty depressed society and we look for alternatives to deal with some of the harsh realities of it. And because we don’t talk about it I think that’s why we turn to drugs. So I think a more open conversation about it is good. Because we’ve arrived at a point where people are being locked up en masse for putting stuff in their bodies. And that’s weird. That’s something we should all question I think.

The Lucas Brothers’ On Drugs goes live today, April 18, on Netflix.

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