The Next Evolution In Dabbing?

High Times sat down with Jeff Zobell and Kristian Merwin, creators of the Nectar Collector, during the US Cannabis Cup in Seattle. Check it out!:

Tell us about the product you brought to the US Cannabis Cup in Seattle this year?

We are Nectar Collector Colorado and we make the Nectar Collector! It’s a vertical vaporizer — the concept is to not have to use a wand or a dome. You go straight into the product and you can vape off of some glass or a dish or a pad. We think it’s the next step in vertical vaporization. The basic concept is that you’re taking exactly how much you want every time — no more, no less. It’s good and clean.

How did you guys come up with the idea for the Nectar Collector?

Jeff came to me three years ago in the summer asking about how to make a pipette a little stronger. For vaporizing with, they had been using these pipettes and the first night we worked on it, we came up with a our prototype. A couple of months later I combined the water with it and we had the working version 1.0 with removable tips and what not. It all just sort of evolved from there.

We give people the choice of glass, quartz or titanium, plus the portability — we’re going into pendants and things like that as well. I think that part of the evolution in doing this is collaborating with people. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

How’s the weekend been thus far at the Cannabis Cup?

People are loving our product; it’s really well received. People are enjoying the Cup itself too and we love everything about it.

Where are you guys based out of?

We’re in Boulder, Colorado and the pieces are made in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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