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The Original High Times Business Cards



I must admit it feels pretty good to have launched a magazine which is now celebrating 40 years of publication and is recognized as an American icon. Due to changing social mores and political trends it is more successful than ever. (I’ve not been involved with it for years.)

When my late friend Tom Forcade asked me to help launch High Times, it was as controversial as you can imagine. Many printers wouldn’t touch it, nor would national distributors. This should have been death for a newsstand publication. I am proud to say I was able to build the largest independent distribution network ever assembled for a magazine. It taught me if you have the support of your readers, much can be overcome.

Many articles have been written about High Times‘ anniversary. (Here is one from Folio.) It is described as a magazine devoted to marijuana. Though we always celebrated that topic, the original coverage was far more cultural. We had contributions from best-selling writers such as Tom Robbins, Dr. Andrew Weil, William S. Burroughs, Albert Goldman and Charles Bukowski. Counter-cultural heroes like Andy Warhol, Patti Smith, R. Crumb, Timothy Leary, Gov. Jerry Brown and Abbie Hoffman wrote for us.