The PeliNail

The complaints associated with dabbing usually revolve around obtaining butane or a cheaper more dangerous gas to heat up your nail. And on top of that, some people just shouldn’t be operating a torch sober, never mind five dabs in. These types of roadblocks are what led to the invention of the electronic nail.

While they have been around for some time, E-Nail popularity has increased as concentrate use has skyrocketed over the past few years. After trying the PeliNail, it’s safe to say that butane and torches are a thing of the past.

Applying your concentrates is a huge part of your dabbing experience. The standard method is to use a butane torch to heat the titanium, quartz, glass or ceramic nail to a desired temperature, but often it is too cool or overheated by the time you use it. This technique will get you through your dab, but it’s not the best way. Setting the temperature on a PeliNail is easy. Once you find a preferred temp, it will remember it for every use. Consistency is key, and this smooth operating unit doesn’t disappoint.

A beautiful thing about electronic nails is that, for the most part, they are simple to use. Most interfaces are pretty similar; so once you’ve used a few E-Nails, you’ve more or less navigated them all.

Starting up the PeliNail is as easy as plugging it in and flipping a switch to turn on the coil. The nail comes hooked around the coil, but it’s a simple task of unscrewing the two apart when it comes time to separate them. Another perk is that no butane purchase is necessary if you’re switching over to dabbing electronically.

To guarantee you never drop your concentrates on a cold or scorching hot nail, it’s advised you buy something that will maintain and display your chosen temperature. You also have to consider what purpose you’re seeking to serve when buying a plugin nail. A stay-at-home setup is great, but most people don’t always dab in the same place. You’re bound to want to travel, so taking your unit from place to place is necessary. With that in mind, it’s ideal to have a case for your equipment to ensure safety and proper use. It’s best to go with trusted products, like Pelican cases, when looking to house something with protection.

California-based company Disorderly Conduction has combined the respected quality and mobility of Pelican cases with a built-in electronic nail unit that’s controlled on the side. PeliNails come in three different packages and a couple different colors. The first package is the 1120 model, which provides just enough room for the unit, coil, and cords. The second is the 1400 model with room for your glass next to the unit. For those that are looking for two coils to run at the same time, a double 1400 Pelican is available.

Each package comes with a D-Nail coil, female XLR port, and a power cord — all of which are sleek, durable and fit back inside the case to minimize attention while transporting it. When you’re taking dabs at a low temperature you’re going to want a carb cap, and the iDab glass dabber gets the job done, especially for the Highly EducatedOG nail that’s attached.

If you’re going to spend money on the glass you’re using, why not enhance your experience with a controllable temperature? No one wants to waste their stash because of a cold nail. Don’t buy something you’ll need to need to buy a case for when you can have them combined at an affordable price.

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