The Pot Pin-Up Cookbook Featuring HT Cover Model Watermelon

We first ran in to Watermelon way back in 2000. We were contacted by a friend of hers and were told that we should take a close look at this Canadian model. We asked why. Her friend said, “Well, she’s a well known Canadian activist and she looks like a movie star!”

We were intrigued and contacted her. She sent a couple snapshots and we were sold. She’s appeared on two covers — once as Eve, lost in the garden of Weeden, and another time as an iconic Dutch girl offering a Cannabis Cup full of Dutch treats.

Watermelon has been a woman on the Vancouver cannabis scene for over 15 years. She earned her name as the blonde-haired beauty who sold watermelon on Vancouver’s Wreck Beach, which is pretty much a summer circus scene featuring ample nudity. Her customers were always yelling out “Watermelon,” so she decided to co-opt the moniker for herself. Watermelon still pops up in the pages of High Times. She’s an ageless stoner who has dedicated herself to pot pin-up photography. She’s also a skilled cannabis chef.

Now, Watermelon and her personal photographer Maria Coletsis are collaborating on the ultimate ganja cookbook, a unique project that combines cannabis cuisine and gorgeous photographs of the chef herself. It’s a must-have collectible.

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