The Source Orb 3

Source Vapes introduces their latest product of vaporizer ingenuity, new and improved atomizers that are unique in the market. The Source Orb vaporizers already hit notoriously strong, so check their new quartz coil atomizers that are bigger and even more badass than before.

Are you familiar with that burnt, plastic aftertaste you get when a vaporizer is running low? Generally, the coil in an atomizer is wrapped around a fiberglass wick. This wick accumulates burnt and degraded hash oil, leading to that taste. The new atomizer by Source has completely bypassed that problem by wrapping their coil around a small quartz rod.

These quartz rods, as you can see, are completely solid. Old burnt hash oil won’t accumulate near the coil, so you’re always vaping the fresh dab you just put on there, not that shwag budder your friend packed in your vape three hours ago (tell him to get his own Source Orb and put that single coil vape down!).

The Source Orb has also optimized the space in their atomizers, allowing them to get a little bigger and deeper, so grab some good dabs and pack it up. Their ceramic coil atomizers have also seen a great improvement, and are now made with tighter connections and with a deeper bowl so you can fit more in. They also offer a slimmer version of the same vape, the Source Orb Slim, and a variety of kits with accessories for the whole family.

As always, Source Vapes offers some of the best hits in the business, the ample airflow and beastly atomizers will have you saying, “I can’t believe it’s not dabs!”


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