The Stoner’s Guide to Autumn

Autumn is a great season for stoners. Aside from harvesting your gorgeous plants, the cooler weather brings a whole new world of activities and things to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Halloween

Halloween isn’t just for kids. Candy and costumes are enjoyable for all ages, particularly stoners—something about the unlimited miniature sized candies and creative potential can activate even the most lethargic stoner’s imagination.

2. “Steve Jobs,” the Film

Steve Jobs is one of the most famous stoners, and as one of the original Apple founders, his legacy still touches us today. “Steve Jobs,” the new film about him from Aaron Sorkin and Michael Fassbender, joins a number of recent films on the pioneer, visionary and sometimes tyrant.

3. Pumpkin Carving

Carving pumpkins is a great seasonal tradition, and it gives you a chance to creatively display your love of the green. It’s also the perfect way to bring a group together, so grab a friend and match some blunts. Plus: Use the seeds to create a quick and healthy snack for the hungry night ahead.

4. Legalization

Full marijuana legalization is still a bit away, although with Kanye announcing his bid for president, it may be sooner than we think! Nonetheless, Ohio is voting on legalizing recreational pot in November, which could potentially make it the fifth state to open its doors to all adult stoners. Time to book those plane tickets!

5. Candy Corn

By far one of the best things about fall is candy corn, which is also the perfect stoner stack. A handful is never enough, except when you get those candy corn pumpkins—with those, a little goes a very long way. We fully believe in candy corn purity, though, so only the original white, orange and yellow variety need apply.

6. Beautiful Sunset Views

Catching the light as it comes through the trees is a magical experience, especially when elevated with a blunt in hand. Who needs YouTube when you have the perfect stoner experience outside? So head outside and enjoy it, because another great thing about fall is…

7. The Weather

By far one of the best parts of being a stoner in the fall is the weather. As the leaves turn brown and the temperatures begin to drop, smoking a joint on the front porch becomes a relaxing moment, rather than a sweat-filled, sweltering occasion. Enjoy those sunset views, mild temperatures and crunchy leaves; they won’t last long!

8. Thanksgiving (So. Much. Food.)

Thanksgiving is a great time to see extended family – though some of us may need a bowl or two to get through the festivities. Thankfully (see what I did there?), the copious and excessive amount of food that pervades Thanksgiving should have you covered when the extreme munchies set in.

9. No Shave November

Winter is coming, and our faces need protection from the elements, especially if you’re taking advantage of the cool weather for your smoke breaks. But beards are something that both men and women can get behind. A beard (or a man with one) is a great fall accessory that can help bring together a chic “stoner look.”

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