The Year of the Hash Hole

Looking to get as high as possible in one convenient doob? Drop those moon rocks. If you don’t know about donuts yet it’s time to get familiar.
Hash hole
Fidel’s Hash Hole Joint (Courtesy Fidel’s)

If there’s one thing that has made 2022 slightly different than any year before it, it’s gotta be the proliferation of the hash hole. Although infused doobs are nothing new, these expert level jumbo-sized cigar-like products have become all the rage with everyone from trappers to casual consumers looking for a memorable experience.

Although historically products like moon rocks have largely not captured the hearts and minds of general consumers, and while cannagars have been around for ages, somehow, the $100 to $150 plus pre-rolls filled with hash rosin have taken center stage for heady boys both domestic and abroad. So what’s the big deal?

Donuts, or hash holes, or whatever your preferred nomenclature, are massive joints, typically rolled with several grams of flower, but the magic here is the molten rosin core that further infuses your flower while you’re consuming. Not to mention you’re consuming from between 0.5 to a full gram of rosin through the experience. They rock EVERYONE.

Now, you’ve likely seen a gaping shot of one of these joints on Instagram, showing the rosin bubbling or the donut-like ash ring, but to put it into normie terms, y’all remember Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra Core? The ice cream with the solid core of straight caramel down the center of the pint? It’s like that, but with top-quality flower and rosin. There’s flower on the top and bottom of this one though—the core of goodness is centrally located within the flower cylinder.

Started by trappers with more product available than they knew what to do with, over the past two years these doobs made their way to the legal market, and quickly became the rage for those looking to get knocked out. They are products of massive excess, so they’re not for everyone, but that hasn’t stopped the new kids from going way too hard on ‘em. Often rolled with a full eighth of flower and a full gram of rosin, these are probably the highest level smoke in the game today. Still, and despite the insane prices, fans across the nation are going stupid for them.

To continue with our December issue’s tradition of providing the best the year had to offer, allow me to bring another category to your attention: the best donuts/hash holes/volcanoes/worm holes/hash snakes (whatever you want to call ‘em) available today. Let’s dig in!


Fidel’s Hash Hole Joint (Courtesy Fidel’s)


One of the first to coin the term “hash holes,” Fidel’s can largely be credited with creating the hype these products have developed. Offering multiple sizes (from smaller 2 g mini’s to the almost 4.5 g big boy size), before Fidel’s I was calling these things donuts, which is what I had first heard from the trap. In Fidel’s own words: donuts are for cops, so the hash hole was born. Now while hash holes have been great for his business, Fidel’s absolute rise to stardom over the past few years have actually developed the larger category. You see, between collabs with industry legends like Champelli, and brands like Cookies, Fidel’s can really be credited for taking hash holes mainstream. Sure the trap has loved ‘em awhile, but the general consumers weren’t on the wave until Fidel’s showed up. Even further, he’s managed to bridge outside of cannabis, and through partnerships with artists like Aaron Kai and Anwar Carrots, Fidel’s continues to break new ground for all of us.

Artisan Cannagars 

These guys have been doing Thai sticks and cannagars for a long time, but somewhere over the past year they had their a-ha moment. That stick hole that used to run down the center of the Thai sticks? What if they just filled that with hash? Well voilà! They found themselves and in a few short months they’ve already created more than their fair share of memories for fans at events. You see, these guys aren’t doing any regular nonsense in their wraps, because of their expansive relationships you can see these guys at events across the coast both selling their own goods and creating new ones live IRL.

Dan’s Rollin Up (Courtesy Dan’s Rollin Up)

Dan’s Rollin Up

Dan is probably my favorite joint producer of this type, and he’s developed such a cult fanbase that almost everything he releases is sold before he’s finished rolling. One of the first curators of combos I came across, in my opinion Dan takes this experience to the next level not just with his expert roll technique, but because he’s constantly sourcing the best products the game has to offer and crafting combos filled with hype of the highest level. For example, it’s the only place I know in the world where you can acquire flavors from the most in-demand creators paired with one another IN THE SAME TUBE. It’s wild. Past that, Dan’s products are so hard to acquire there’s a literal golden ticket system just to acquire the ABILITY to purchase. No discounts, no first order special, just access. In a world that loves to pretend it’s small batch while magically having enough to serve the world, Dan is the real deal—there are never enough, and they’re gone before they’re made. If you ever have a chance to even get a hit off someone else’s, one light pull will send a normie to Pluto to campaign for it’s planetary recognition.


Another traditional combo play, and taking a page from Dan’s playbook, Chaliques does an incredible job with their “forced collabs” which are (as it sounds) a compilation of their favorite flavor profiles, forced onto unsuspecting brands who were expecting pearls and ended up with diamonds. By avoiding the politics of the game, the gang at Chaliques have managed to turn some of the best flavor profiles out there on its head, bringing out entirely new terps as the two flavors melt together. Not only that, but these guys are plugged in with everybody, so nine times out of 10 the batches they’re getting are better than what’s hitting store shelves.

Bonus: Hash Paper Joints 

Now I’ll admit, while donuts are rad, they’re actually NOT my favorite new super infused doob available right now, and I couldn’t let this moment pass without putting you on. Friends, papers or wraps are no longer necessary when it comes to roastin’ bones, all you need is an enchanting hash paper joint. Originally created by Pixie Stix, and to this day still the best execution I’ve seen, hash paper joints are IMHO the future of smoke. Rolled utilizing just flower and a thin layer of hash wrapped around the outside to hold everything together, these don’t even remotely give me moon rock vibes. They’re simply science taking joint smoking to the next level. Now, Pixie’s still traditional market, and while I would say it’s worth going out of your way to find, I’ve already seen two others trying this method to varying results, Lowell and Axiom, so there are cheaper and entry level versions coming too. While neither stood up against Pixie (naturally, as he’s been doing it quite a bit longer and is an expert cultivator) so maybe the other guys will get better before long, but it wouldn’t surprise me if in 2023 this piece is about 100% cannabis derived doobs, and I’m here for it.

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