#ThisThingRips R2 Series Vape Pens

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#ThisThingRips Puts Dab Rig Performance in the Palm of Your Hand

Dabs, shatter, crumble, wax and oil. No matter what you call it, concentrates have become a huge part of the cannabis community. Highly regarded for their potent nature, the popularity of dabs has arguably surpassed that of flower in recent years, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. This explosion can at least be partially attributed to increased accessibility thanks to decriminalization and legalization efforts nationwide. With so many people using concentrates, the question has become, “What’s the best way to dab?”

Until recently, wax enthusiasts had to choose between the power of a desktop rig, and the portability and convenience of a wax pen vaporizer. While undeniably powerful, desktop rigs can be very pricey, and have limited overall functionality.  Wax pens, on the other hand, while highly portable, have never quite been able to provide the type of performance or dependability typically associated with desktop rigs.

However, the latest generation of wax pens – primarily those from industry heavyweight #ThisThingRips – are incorporating high-quality quartz crystal components with calibrated low-temperature heating coils to create a higher standard of vape pen.

#ThisThingRips took the industry by storm with the release of their flagship R Series pen vaporizer. Featuring superior craftsmanship and a truly original design, the original R Series was the first pen of its kind to showcase a Polycarbonate Visual Heating Chamber, which allows users to watch their clouds build and their wax bubble. The included protective pen cap not only protects the chamber, but also completely disguises the unit itself for ultimate discretion.

The latest incarnation of the R Series, the newly updated R2, builds on previous innovations by replacing the standard fiber threaded atomizer with a premium ceramic rod for enhanced flavor and performance. In addition, calibrated low-temperature controlled heating coils allow wax to heat at a far lower temperature than cheaper competitor coils, eliminating the burnt, charred taste sometimes associated with pen-style units.

While most manufacturers would have stopped there, #ThisThingRips decided to take it a step further with the release of the OG Four 2.0. While reminiscent in design to the R2, the similarities end there. Orange and chrome combine to give the OG a look unequivocally its own. But it’s what’s under the hood that really separates this little guy from the competition.

By replacing premium ceramic with rare Lava-Quartz (a proprietary patented technology), the OG Four 2.0 allows the true taste of your dabs to shine through. A patented deep dish design ensures there’s plenty of room to load your concentrate, while at the same time helping to protect the calibrated heating coil from accidental exposure. Both the R2 and OG Four 2.0 are powered by a long-lasting 6500mAh battery and are 510 threaded for universal compatibility.

Manufacturing out of their very own facility, and with a sales and distribution center located in Pompano Beach, FL – #ThisThingRips abides by the highest standards and strictest medical guidelines in the industry.

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