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Toasted Tweets | Dec. 14, 2016

Jessica Delfino



Life is hard. At times,  it gets harder. Then it gets easy again. Then… well, you know. But weed always saves the day! It’s what the doctor ordered, it goes great with laughter, which is apparently the best medicine, and it pairs well with your favorite snack. When the going gets tough, a puff of that sweet medicinal herb will always help a mellow chill settle in. But that raises an interesting question: what about people who don’t have weed? How do they get by?

What do people do who don’t smoke?

Well, I can’t smoke, it’s not legal—said no one, ever.

Pot inspires and provides in incredible ways.

It affects those who love it to our very core.

And those who don’t…

…never get to really truly appreciate the little things in life with a stoner’s zest.

More people should appreciate the fact that here in America we can get stoned the way we can.

After all, regardless of how we choose to imbibe, we are a country of people who get things done.

We are passionate.

Family is important to us.

Thanks, marijuana, for helping us get by. In the infamous words of Anheuser Busch, “this bud’s for you”.

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