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Toasted Tweets | Feb. 22, 2017

Jessica Delfino



Did you enjoy your “day off” on Monday? Does anyone ever really get days off after the age of say, 15? If you did have the day free on Monday or even just a few hours of it to yourself, I hope you got to spend that time: with family (if you like yours), with your pet (if you have one), at the beach (if you live near one), skiing (if you consider risking your life to be “nice”), baking (if you can bake), and of course, getting baked, and if you’re reading this I’m pretty sure you at least dabble in the world’s favorite herb.
Here are some other thoughts on President’s Day, presidents, pot and wonderful ways your friends and neighbors combined those things, straight from the minds of random tweeters to your own noodle.

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