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Toasted Tweets | Jan. 25, 2017

Jessica Delfino



This week’s Twitter round up consists of weed tweets, of course, but also some humorous political tweets from a few of my favorite comedians, because we need to laugh right now. Twitter was “ablaze” with tweets about the 4,200-9,000 free joints handed out in D.C., the real headliner of the inauguration. Hail to the cheef, indeed! Still, others lamented the incoming president, with plans involving self-medication of the marijuanical kind. A few flyover Tweeters talked about their disappointment in pot heads. Whatever, boring uncles of the world! I’ve made something of myself, or at least I pay my taxes, and I smoked pot through my most formative years. If you had to watch the 58th inauguration, hopefully you got to watch it high. Though we may be heading into dank/dark times, let’s remember to stay sane, safe and most of all, to be kind to one another.

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