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Toasted Tweets: Thanksgiving 2016 Edition

Jessica Delfino



This week, we hear from two princesses, two dog lovers, and we get some state pride on the topic of how and why we are thankful for our weed. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, and pot legal in more places than ever this year, Thanksgiving with Granny and PopPop may be a little different than usual. Not that you needed a law to change to blaze, though, right? We gotta fight for our right to party (by smoking at will). I’m thankful for weed because food tastes so damn good when you’re high. And because it brings the family together in beautiful ways. Stony Bro beats Druncle any day of the week! No one ever threw a plate of mashed potatoes at the wall in anger because they were too high. Never happened! So blaze up, read on and then tweet at us: what strain or smoking apparatus are YOU most thankful for this year? How will you incorporate them dank nugs into your feast? Who are you most excited to smoke with at Thanksgiving? Be safe out there, and Happy (stoned) Thanksgiving. (P.S. Did you know MySpace was still a thing??)