Top 10 Fake Weed Stories from Last Year

There was a lot of good news with marijuana this year—namely the widespread legalization efforts that swept our nation—but not everything was true.

With fake news and alternative facts seemingly here to stay, here are 10 of the most amusing fake pot stories from 2016.

1. Colorado Rockies to Sell Weed Brownies at Baseball Games

 A rumor went around that the Rockies would start selling pot-related items at the concession stands for all home MLB games. Sadly, despite Colorado’s legalization, chalk this one up to social media gossip.

2. A Hybrid of Kale and Marijuana Called Kaleabis

This one was from us, but the joke was lost on a lot of people. April fools!

3. Justin Trudeau Expunges Records of Canadian Marijuana Users

While most of us want to believe every good thing we read about Justin Trudeau (I mean, look at that hair), this one was just a joke spread by the satirical publication the Global Sun.

4. Sketchy Pot Dealers Use Pokemon Go to Hook Children on Drugs

While this one is obviously a joke, props to “Christians Against Drugs” linking ‘catching weedles’ to weed needles. Remember kids—injecting marijuana is deadly.

5. Marlboro M Hitting Market from Phillip Morris

This is a pretty old rumor that is false, but continues to spread based on the believability of it—it’s more surprising that big tobacco hasn’t moved in on the marijuana market yet. Mark this one as false for the time being, but don’t be surprised if that changes soon.

6. Man Loses Testicle Attempting to Fill Scuba Tank with Marijuana Smoke

A story circulated that a man, in an attempt to fill a scuba tank with smoke, knocked it over and sent “shrapnel flying into his body.” Thankfully, this story is false, but for a brief moment, you have to admire the dedication of filling an entire scuba tank.

7. JFK Secretly Smoked Marijuana in the White House

There’s actually some in-depth research into trying to prove or disprove this, but for the moment, the truth is in neither camp. He was definitely the coolest cat in his era, so it wouldn’t be surprising.

8. Donald Trump Will Legalize Marijuana in Every State

While we would desperately, desperately, DESPERATELY like this to be true, it sadly isn’t. With neither him, nor his attorney general nominee, supporting legalization, we’re unlikely to see this anytime soon.

9. Jill Stein Embezzled Recount Money to Throw a Marijuana Dinner Party

This one is decidedly untrue, though there are plenty of reasons to dislike her (namely, her rumored secret trips to Russia). We do love the sound of a marijuana dinner party, though.

10. First Recorded Marijuana Overuse Hours After Massachusetts Legalization

 From the same source as the Jill Stein rumor, news popped up of the first-ever recorded overdose on marijuana, only hours after Massachusetts legalized recreational marijuana. This one is, of course, true — as we previously learned, the only danger comes from injecting more than 3 marijuanas.

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