Top 10 Stoner Fashion Brands

When it comes to marijuana, you think of feeling good—but what about looking good, too? From space-weed sweatshirts to high-end vegan threads and cozy hemp tees, here are 10 awesome brands for the fashionable stoner. And yes, there will be tie-dye.

1) Helpsy: Featuring Golden Girl sweatshirts, Mary Jane–printed body suits and vegan-leather hologram backpacks as heady as a bowl of Death Star, Helpsy creates ethical, cruelty-free, locally sourced clothing that is just as on-trend as it is good for karma points.
2) The Personal Stash: It wouldn’t be a stoner fashion list without the Personal Stash, creators of the “I Bud You” logo, which was founded by artists in New York City who might even love pot more than you do. (Kidding!) Check out their weed-themed shoelaces, available in “strains” like NYC Diesel and Granddaddy Purp—and after skateboarding with Diesel running through your brain and your shoes, crash on their dope bedding when it’s time for a weed nap. ibudyou.comlaces
3) Wildflower Dyes: I know the cannabis industry is getting a legalized makeover and all, but let’s be real: Every stoner needs some tie-dye. Launched by a beautiful yogi in Victoria, Canada, Wildflower Dyes should be your go-to source for hand-dyed yoga pants, bedsheets—even knee-high socks.
4) Stay Home Club: Parties get a lot of hype, but what’s arguably the number-one best thing about weed? Getting high to stay in! If you’re more of a Netflix-and-chill than DJs-and-pills type, then the Stay Home Club’s comfy tees and sweatshirts are for you. These self-proclaimed purveyors of “Design for the Disgruntled” have been operating out of Montreal since 2012 and offer the perfect outfits for looking cute while couchlocked.
5) Willow Knows: You’ll feel as magical as a pretty glass pipe in Willow Knows, a line of silk textiles for body and home. Each piece is individually hand-dyed, embracing any imperfections in the process.
6) SukiShufu: From shiny black dominatrix-style pieces for the kinky stoner to cloud-printed yoga pants for your angelic side, the London-based SukiShufu creates classy active wear. Recent studies have shown that despite their propensity for the munchies, cannabis users are slimmer than most—which makes this innovative sportswear perfect for your next ganja yoga class!
7) Revolution Riche: If your love of getting high and contemplating the existence of aliens made a baby with your love of getting high and sending your friends Internet memes, it would look like a Revolution Riche sweatshirt. Talk about a Thunderfuck!
8) Jungmaven: The creators of Jungmaven have been working with hemp textiles for over two decades, and they strive to fight climate change through their laidback garments, which use the most environmentally friendly industrial fabric on the planet. Plus their classic and cozy T-shirts come in every color of the rainbow.
9) Stella McCartney: We had to put at least one celebrity designer on our list. While many of us would rather spend our hard-earned cash on greenery than $12,000 shoes, Stella McCartney is the hippie of high fashion for her utilization of vegan materials and sustainable production methods.
10) Mowgli Surf: What’s a stoner without a pair of sweatpants? Mowgli Surf creates American-made, hand-dyed, surfer-chic clothing to pair with your Maui Wowie and wear on your next adventure, no matter how far away the nearest beach may be.

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