The Best Weed Memes of 2015

Marijuana + The Internet = Hilarious and Spot-On Weed Memes! Check out out 10 favorites from 2015.

1. This Stunning Realization

How are we just now noticing this?

2. These Accurate Kanye Faces

We assume that aside from interrupting people on live TV weed’s the only thing that makes Kanye smile like this.

3. This Friday Night Date

The only thing better than “Netflix and Chill” is “Netflix and Chill” with weed.

4. This Stony Pun 

We want whatever he’s smoking.

5. This Viral Marketing Campaign

We bet there’s a good bit of weed coming Straight Outta Compton as well.

6. This Guy’s Ability To See Through Bullshit

We all have our own version of this “Why You Lyin'” Face.

7. This Sad Truth

We can have dreams and aspirations, right?!?

8. This Staggering Statistic

Pretty sure this should be enough to legalize pot here and now.

9. This Fair Trade

You know what everyone loves? Chocolate. You know what everyone loves more than chocolate? Weed.

10. This Topical Cartoon

Not sure why this was so surprising to people—anyone who writes almost everything in iambic pentameter must be on drugs.

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