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Top 5 Stoner Flicks and Strain Picks

stoner comedians
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Films are an important part of any culture, and as cannabis culture becomes mainstream, we’re looking back at the classic stoner blockbusters that helped bring us here today. Cannabis films of the past 40 years have mostly reflected the first phase of the culture, like silly, stoned hippies slacking off and making comically bad choices.

We’ve compiled a list of the top five classic stoner comedies with strain and healthy snack pairings to enjoy with friends on any hot night this summer (when there isn’t a new Game of Thrones…).

1. Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke [1978]

This OG stoner film never gets old, even though it will be celebrating its 40th anniversary next year. Not to mention the film’s main plotline—two young men being deported from the United States to Mexico—is painfully relevant. Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong are two of the most infamous stoners in American culture, and no marijuana movie list would be complete without an honorable mention.

Before pressing play, be sure to head into your local dispensary to pick up some Maui Wowie, the classic sativa strain mentioned in the film. Originally cultivated in Hawaii, Maui Wowie is famous for its tropical pineapple flavor and stress-relieving properties, according to Leafly.

Make sure to nip the munchies in the bud by first baking some gluten-free, vegan, black bean brownies. These delicious brownies are flour and dairy free and packed with protein. Just make sure to have black beans, maple syrup, oats and plenty of chocolate chips on hand, and you’re all set. Check out the full recipe here: Chocolate Covered Kate.

2. Pineapple Express [2008]

For our next recommendation, we’re jumping 30 years through time to the 2008 classic, Pineapple Express. This incredibly silly story highlights the bromance between two of our favorite off-screen stoners: Seth Rogen and James Franco. Franco’s portrayal of a pre-legalization pot dealer is hilarious, and when the two meet Danny McBride’s character it will be impossible not to work-out your abs giggling so much!

Obviously, in 2017, you can’t begin watching this flick without picking up some of the namesake strain, Pineapple Express, first. This sativa-dominant hybrid is known for its energetic buzz, tropical aroma and fresh pineapple and cedar taste. Pair it with a fresh fruit smoothie of blended pineapple, banana, ice and coconut water to turn any hot, humid night into chill summer fun.

3. Doobious Sources [2017]

The most current movie on our list, this stoner comedy is half mockumentary, half epic journey. It is the tale of two video journalists with questionable ethics who go undercover to expose a local mayor for corruption, yet where they end up will have your head spinning. The main characters, The Reg and Zorn, are a classic stoner comedy duo, bouncing jokes off each other while constantly suspicious of each other’s motives. Join them for a wild ride through everything from blackmail and RV car chases, to shoot-outs, ball gags and multiple hotbox sessions.

Because of Doobious Sources’ mockumentary style, we would definitely suggest picking up a sativa like Jack Herer to focus during the film. Plus, it’s a great strain for sharing, with its blissful and social high. The spicy pine and earthy aroma will keep you and your friends uplifted for at least the entirety of the 90-minute film. Make a big bowl of trail mix to munch on by mixing nuts, pretzels and dried fruit together.

4. Smiley Face [2007]

Stoner flicks, and even this list, are typically dominated by men, even though women smoke just as much (if not more). That’s why we had to include Anna Ferris’ brilliant female-centric stoner film, Smiley Face. Ferris plays a perpetually stoned “slacker” actress who unknowingly eats a batch of medicated cupcakes before a busy day. From there, the story just gets more surreal and hilarious by the minute.

Pair with California’s classic hybrid, OG Kush, for its relaxed and euphoric effects to keep you smiling. Enjoy that signature OG aroma that hints of earthy pine with a dank sour lemon taste and woody undertones.

For healthy munchies, prep some rich, low-fat cupcakes before you press play, so you can nosh along with Ferris’ character without the guilt. Check out this mouth-wateringg dark chocolate cupcake recipe that uses Greek yogurt and coconut oil instead of butter.

5. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle [2004]

Harold and Kumar became an instant stoner classic when it came out over a decade ago. When two stoner buddies get serious munchies after seeing a commercial for White Castle, their purpose in life becomes clear. The crazy adventure that follows is an absolute riot and will probably have you craving sliders too!

Instead of driving to White Castle half way through the film, prepare some spinach turkey sliders first as a healthy alternative. This simple recipe is lean and delicious and uses scallions, garlic and cumin for added flavor.

For strain pairing, pick up an indica-dominant flower like Grand Daddy Purple. Indicas are great for appetite, and if you plan on eating a few of those turkey sliders, there’s no better strain for noshing. Enjoy its sweet grape and berry flavor. but be careful, indica’s are also known for their sleep-inducing effects. We would recommend only smoking half a joint at the beginning of the film and relighting it after you eat, so you don’t pass out before the credits.

We love these stoner comedy classics, but as the public’s perception of cannabis changes, we would love to see Hollywood’s notion of pot smokers change with it.

We need more films with success people who use cannabis, rather than slackers who fall into slapstick misadventures after one puff. New stoner flicks should also reflect the evolving demographic of cannabis users, that means more women, more boomers and more characters who have their lives in order.

Soon, we can look back at this list of stoner comedy classics and laugh about how far we’ve come!

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