Vaping Concentrates: How the Game Just Changed

Vaping concentrates such as wax, shatter, crumble and rosin has rapidly gained in popularity. It’s easy to see why when you look at just a few of the benefits:

  • Discreet Vaping—Little to No Odor
  • Health—Less Tars and Carcinogens
  • Convenience—Portable and Easy to Use

Of course, like any new technology or product there have been some drawbacks or problems that need to be addressed.  Some of the problems pertain to:

  • Wax Pens—Not Efficient and Not as Discreet
  • Pre-Filled Cartridges—Quality and Cost
  • Vape Pens and Cartridges—Quality and Leaks

We will look at both the benefits and challenges to vaping concentrates in this article, but most importantly, we will introduce you to a game changer that keeps all the benefits and overcomes all the challenges!

Challenge 1: Turning Concentrate to Vapor

Challenge number one is the delivery of the concentrate. This challenge truly applies when you want to use your own concentrate. Having a top-shelf concentrate and using a wax pen can be very discouraging. When you try to vaporize a solid, you are fighting the principles of science. That is just a simple fact.

What takes less time to turn to vapor or evaporate… water or ice? A vape pen relies on a small battery and coils to create heat. A wax pen will never deliver vapor as efficiently as a standard vape pen delivers smooth hits from a liquid.

Heating the concentrate with high temperatures in a wax pen also delivers a hit that often carries the aroma of the concentrate with it. This system of vaping concentrates also requires investing in a wax pen that runs with higher wattage and usually dual coils.

The wax pen is challenged with the science of vaping, not providing the most discreet vaping and a high out-of-pocket expense for a quality pen.

Challenge 2: Quality of Cartridges

Most people who are vaping concentrates are using pre-filled cartridges from dispensaries designed to work with vape pens sold at those dispensaries. One of the biggest challenges associated with pre-filled vape cartridges is “What’s really in them?” This pertains to the concentrate and the liquid.

When you buy a cartridge, there is no real way of knowing what kind of concentrate it was made from. This includes the process that was used to make the concentrate and the quality of the concentrate. All you can see is a colored liquid and that is not a lot to go on.

The aspect that can be more problematic than the concentrate is what was used to thin or liquidize the concentrate to get it in the cartridge?

While vaping provides less tars and carcinogens, do you have any idea what was used to make the concentrate liquid? The list of ingredients can be very puzzling as to what is from the concentrate and what is from the liquid.

Another aspect is just how much lift will this cartridge provide. Is it a top-shelf concentrate that carries a lot of lift or a mild mannered BHO that will just keep you at an even keel?

Last, but not least, what will it taste like? If you don’t like the taste do you have an option?

A lot of unanswered questions come along with pre-filled cartridges. However, if you vape these often you know one undeniable fact. Vaping pre-filled concentrate cartridges can get expensive fast. Using the highest lab-grade ingredients to create your own e-juice is assured when you use Wax Liquidizer.

Challenge 3: Vape Pens and Cartridges

If you like to vape, you know you can get pretty attached to your pen. A nice pen configured with the tank and coils you like gives you the feel and draw that is perfect for you. Large glass tanks allow you to vape for days without having to replace the e-liquid. The style of your pen can very much reflect your personality, as much as how you configure your phone.

Vaping is a very personal experience for many of us.

The average dispensary will carry small plastic pre-filled cartridges designed for specific pens. These pens are pretty easy to spot in public (making them less discreet by the day). The quality of these pens and vape cartridges are geared more towards a disposable, on-the-fly solution for vaping concentrates.

The use of cheap plastic cartridges is also coming under scrutiny as far as health concerns. The fact that the liquidizing agent and concentrate may interact with the plastic after being stored for long periods of time can be concerning.

The Game Changer

But now, the game has changed! You can keep the main benefits of vaping concentrates and add a few:

  • Discreet Vaping—Little to No Odor
  • Health—Less Tars and Carcinogens
  • Convenience—Portable and Easy to Use
  • Use the Concentrate of Your Choice
  • Create Great Tasting Vape Juice
  • Use Your Own Vape Pen

Now, you can create tasty vape juice from your favorite concentrates.

The fact you have a liquid to vape keeps eliminates the need for a special pen and keeps your vaping super discreet. The freedom to make your own juice allows you to make e-liquid with a mild lift or high test. Combine this with the fact you can use your own pen and make great tasting flavors, and it’s easy to see the game has changed!

Vaping concentrates from your own RDA or vape rig of your choice allows you to use high quality glass tanks, be they large or standard size. The liquid you use to make this juice is beyond FDA approved. You will actually find the suspension agent in it is the same ingredient that is used for asthma inhalers.

Now, a high grade liquidizer that turns your favorite concentrates to vape juice in a matter of seconds is available to you. In as little as 10 seconds, you can turn top-shelf concentrates such as shatter, wax and distillates into great tasting vape juice.

Loading your own pen with your personal blend, dialed in for your taste and preference of lift ,is easy. When your ready to take control of the quality, strength and flavor of your own indiscreet vaping, you’re ready to visit Use coupon code “HighTimes” for 20% off  your order.

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