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WATCH: Fearmongering Police Release Absurd Warning About Pot

Sativa Von Teese



Prepare to roll your eyes. 

Illinois State Police have reportedly found the "tequila of marijuana," and not only is it "six-times stronger than the average marijuana cigarette," but it can also be "extremely poisonous and destructive to human nerve tissue." 

We bet you know it by another name—Shatter. Yes, yes, the stuff we use for dabbing. 

While marijuana concentrates will definitely get you much higher than your run-of-the-mill joint, the Illinois police seem to be taking a page straight out of the Reefer Madness book, with absurd warning about hallucinations and other types of psychosis. 

Obviously, you should know where you are getting your shatter from, and you shouldn't attempt to make your own BHO at home (explosions are actually dangerous), but the rest of these law enforcement claims are completely unfounded. See for yourself in the video below: 

(Photo Courtesy of SPARCsf)