7 Ways People Used Cannabis in 1930

Can marijuana treat these conditions? Before the government outlawed marijuana, here’s how people used it.
Cannabis Museum

Marijuana as a Sedative

The Herb Museum

Need a narcotic, sedative or antispasmodic? Look no further than Eli Lilly and Company’s Cannabis Fluid Extract. This potion, labeled a poison because you should only take a drop, was 80 percent alcohol. By today’s standards, Lilly’s Cannabis Fluid Extract (1 fluid ounce total) is a tincture, just not one you’d see on the shelves.

Though we do not advise using any product resembling this, Eli Lilly’s understanding of medical marijuana as an “antispasmodic” isn’t too far off the mark. Today, medical marijuana is one of the only effective treatments for epilepsy or seizure-inducing autism.

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