I Took A Weed Tour Of Toronto

Take a weed tour of the pot-friendly city of Toronto. Eat, drink and smoke out with your own personal Canadian cannabis concierge.
I Took A Weed Tour of Toronto

Flying into Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, you land on a small island directly across from a downtown waterfront full of skyscrapers. It’s a surreal experience, made all the more-so when a huge human pot leaf named Herb Kushman shows up to greet you in the passenger pickup area. This was my introduction to Canadian Kush Tours and their unique exclusive cannabis tourism experiences.

420 Pickup

The crew at Canadian Kush Tours provide pickups for from the airport or hotel and cater to the specific tastes of the groups or individuals for flowers, concentrates, edibles, drinkables and more. Customized tours include possible grow room visits, personal cultivation instruction, and even classes on how to safely make cannabis extractions. These tours are upscale and perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties for that special stoner in your life.

On our party bus (provided by Party Bus Toronto), locally-brewed cannabis beers were provided by Soma Brewing and food was catered by expert Chef John Lee. The Canadian Kush Tours team tell me, “We have a conversation with the customer before they arrive to create exclusive experiences and a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look into our cannabis culture. If they’re in town for the Fan Expo Comic Convention, we’ll get them backstage and visit some of our local arcades for vintage pinball.”

With a wide variety of packages to choose from, Toronto becomes your pot-fueled playground! Stop by any number of dispensaries like Eden, Green Door or the Green Room and then cruise over to one of the many head-shops such as the legendary Toronto Hemp Company (THC) – providing high-end functional glass art since 1994. And don’t forget – legalization is coming to all of Canada in July of 2018!

Let’s Blaze

With glass, grass, and hash in hand, let Canadian Kush Tours bring you to a smoking/vapor lounge such as Vape on the Lake, Green Room, Vapor Central. I enjoyed the Hot Box Cafe in the back of Roach-o-Rama where proprietor Abi Roach has curated a friendly environment for cannabis consumption since 2003. Their Kensington Gardens patio is one of the finest places to consume cannabis in Toronto.

On our trip, we got to hang with a few of the Superkick’d pro wrestlers including Kris Chambers aka Half Baked Kid and San Andres. I love their brand of stoner-friendly extreme wrestling and even The Herb Kushman gets into the ring!

So, consider a trip to Toronto for a curated cannabis experience like no other. It’s just a 90-minute flight from NYC, Boston or Chicago. Canadian Kush Tours even provide an all-inclusive package where they will book your flights, hotel, and transportation for you.

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