Weed & Wellness: Cannabliss Retreat Aims to Educate

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Get ready to get accredited—the Cannabliss Retreats starts September 28! This year’s five-day retreat (September 28 – October 2) will feature the cannabis certification program KANNA-KARE. KANNA-KARE is the first and leading standardization certification program that educates patients, doctors and industry professionals about cannabis-based medicine.

Developed by Dr. Ira Price, a leader and expert in cannabinoid medicine, KANNA-KARE will inform and empower patients and providers alike, thus improving health and overall wellness. Each retreat attendee will leave with a KANNA-KARE certification.

This is the second annual Cannabliss Retreats program.

Located in the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park, the retreat’s natural environment provides fresh, clean air and a setting that is conducive to focus, productivity and wellness.

Cannabliss Retreats offers three packages for attendees. Choose a private cottage with your own bathroom and bedroom; a shared room if you want to make fast friends; or a space on the campgrounds with access to bathrooms and showers—you just need to provide your own tent!

Each packages includes a complete meal plan, gift bags and unlimited cannabis.

In addition to the certification program, the first-ever AnandaFest will be launched at Cannabliss!

Running for two days (September 29 – 30), the AnandaFest is a cannabis festival extravaganza. It’s sponsored by Esoteric Edibles and will feature live music. There will be tons of activities to explore and enjoy; vendors, live mural painting, a 3D psychedelic lounge, art installations, virtual reality experiences, tarot card readings—there will be something for everyone!

The retreat attendees will have full access to the AnandaFest and much, much more.

All food, both medicated and non-medicated, will be provided by GrassFed, a catering company that specializes in cannabis cuisine. The meals will be mostly organic and will feature the culinary prowess of master chef Gladys Nyoth, who is famous for her African-influenced, farm-to-table cooking style.

As an added bonus, the community-service initiative Set Free Soldier will be launched this year.

Co-sponsored by Cannabliss Retreats and Soul Line Solutions, this event is aimed toward those suffering from PTSD, particularly veterans. Set Free Soldier will offer education about the healing powers of cannabis, as well as introductory materials and products.

Sponsors of the Cannabliss Retreats include Marley Natural, Esoteric Edibles, Medicine Box, Redwoods Farms, hmbldt and Redefining Cannabis.

Cannabliss Retreats was created and organized by Sari Gabbay, a lifestyle brand builder with a passion for cannabis and wellness. She is also the founder of Redefining Cannabis.


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