What’s in Your Stash? The Mommy Jane™ aka Jessica Gonzalez

Instagram queen and cannabis advocate Jessica Gonzales shows us her stash.
What’s in Your Stash? The Mommy Jane aka Jessica Gonzales
Jason Gonzalez

As a young mother, Jessica Gonzalez left behind 13 years of an alcohol and Vicodin-induced haze, using cannabis to create a healthier lifestyle for herself and her family. She lost 100 pounds in the process, and instinctively knew that cannabis helped her be a better wife, mother, and human being.

Inspired to reach out and help other moms who may be struggling with their medicating choices, the Southern California cannabis patient recreated herself as The Mommy Jane™ on Instagram. Within one year’s time her following of young mothers has elevated to well over 15,000 followers, and growing.

As a social media influencer, Jessica educates on the ever evolving products and brands that work for her anxiety, mood swings, overall health issues, and prevention against illness.

Her daily live chats include other mothers in the space across the country, some with their own companies, with many eager to share their own experiences. Some shout out from legal states on what they know, while others carefully come into the space from illegal states, desperate for help themselves, or help for an ailing child, friend, or family member.

“Being a young mom, living in a conservative neighborhood in Southern California, I understand what other moms may be going through,” she explained. “The positive physical changes I went through after giving up the booze and pills wasn’t just in my head – in my heart I knew this was the right choice. Convincing others was a different story.”

Jason Gonzalez

“Education is Destigmatization.” – The Mommy Jane™

No stranger to cannabis growing up, Jessica hails from Marin County, across the bay from San Francisco, where growing cannabis was common within her family, friends and neighbors.

“All my relatives had medical cards since the 90s,” she shared. “Looking back, I wish my parents would have had them, too, as alcoholism runs on both sides of my family. There were anger issues induced by alcohol. My father was in an accident when I was in my teens, rendering him partially disabled. I hated the pills they put him on – mainly OxyContin and SSRIs – they brought out the worst in him. Then, I became a hypocrite on them myself.”

When she met her husband, Jason, he encouraged her to get off the pills and the pot.

“When I stopped everything he wondered why I was so much nicer when we first dated!” she laughed. “Then a friend introduced me to vaping cannabis and that changed everything. She took me to my first cannabis event, Cannabis 101, put on by Ozzie Ozkay-Villa, founder of Oov Lifestyle Magazine. For the first time I was in a room filled with like-minded women – opening my receptors to how this plant can truly heal more than anyone could imagine. After that I knew I had to spread the gospel and began researching every single day to further my knowledge and help others.”

Though her husband wasn’t on board initially, he saw the positive changes in his wife immediately. Mindful of her young children, she chooses not to medicate around them, but they too have come to understand what the plant means to the quality of their lives, post alcohol and pills.

“If I’m having a rough day and my emotions are all over the map, my oldest will say, ‘you need to medicate,’” she shared. “Occasionally, adults will ask her what her mommy does for a living, and she proudly responds, ‘she works in medicine,’ because that’s what she understands cannabis to be, mommy’s medicine.”

Jason Gonzalez

A Purposeful Stash

As a social media influencer and brand ambassador, Jessica has reviewed many products, sharing her own experiences openly on social media. The work gives her a stash to envy, with some high-end tools in the mix. But, promoting brands isn’t something she does in the spirit of pay-to-play. She’s a serious advocate and patient, sharing products and protocols for the greater good. If she’s not pleased with a product, she won’t promote them.

“I start my morning off right away 1,500 milligrams of Procana’s Hemp Spectrum, Wholemensural Plant Extract,” she detailed. “I enjoy this brand because of the nutty hemp flavor, the earthy green color of the tincture. I’m also painfully aware of the need for full spectrum, in high doses, because I suffer from real ailments.”T

Jessica micro-doses throughout the day with CBD tinctures of varying brands, keeping anxiety at bay. If she’s having a difficult day she’ll micro-dose with Mary’s Medicinals CBD Transdermal Gel Pen on her wrists.

“If I’m fatigued, to keep up with the kids and put pep in my step, I’ll add one, 10 milligram dose of Drinkable Therapy’s Cannabis Coffee into my own coffee,” she said. “If I have menstrual or post-workout pain, I roll-on Tonic’s Chronic to help take the pain away. That, paired with Henry’s Northern Lights, and I’m good to go!”

If her other protocols aren’t enough, Jessica said she’ll double-down, adding a Chill Chocolates edible to the mix, “Chill’s dark chocolates are my favorite – for flavor and dosage.”

Her favorite vaping machine for flower is the Rose Gold by Ghost Vapes, as its low heat is designed to bring out the flavor of the terpenes. It’s also convenient, with refillable containers, likened to Keurig coffee pods.

“The Ghost Vape’s on-demand convection heating is like no other vape on the market, and believe me, I’ve tried many,” she said. “I love the convenience of the pods, as I can go from concentrate to flower in a few simple steps, and still have the discretion of a vape. The Ghost is definitely the future in vaping, as savvy cannabis patients customize their medicating. It’s also gorgeous!”

A favorite for flavor in the Ghost is Bloom Farm’s Three King’s, a trifecta of three classics, Headband, OG Kush, and Sour Diesel. For daily elevation, her favorite cultivars are Sundae Driver by High Caliber Organics, and Brotherly Love’s Gelato.

“Sundae Driver has endless flavor with long-lasting effects, but it’s not so heavy that I can’t get shit done,” she emphasized. “Gelato pre-rolls take me to the moon! If I want a pre-roll for daytime use, then I go to Aloha Humboldt’s Private Reserve Collection.”

To say cannabis has positively changed Jessica’s life would be an understatement.

“This plant got me off drugs, keeps me healthy and sane – and made me a better mom and wife. It also gave me a wide circle of friends and canna-sisters from across the country,” she says. “Bottom line, I’m not alone in this and neither are you – and that’s about all we can hope for right? Connection, a sense of belonging, wellness for ourselves and our families. That’s what’s in my stash.”

Jessica’s husband, Jason Gonzalez, is a professional corporate videographer and photographer in Southern California.

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