What’s in Your Stash? Cullen Raichart, CEO GreenBroz, Inc.

A simple stash for an automated mind.
What’s in Your Stash? Cullen Raichart, CEO GreenBroz, Inc.
Courtesy of Cullen Raichart

The man who has invented some of the most high-tech automated harvesting equipment in the industry enjoys smoking his CBD flower with a surprisingly simple tool.

“One of my favorite implements is a corn cob pipe,” he shared from his home in Las Vegas, Nevada. “But, I’m also a fan of a good old-fashion joint.”

Raichart founded GreenBroz, Inc. in 2012 with his automated trimming machine. Today, he’s launched the first automated chain for the cannabis industry. But his journey did not come without struggle, and as a young adult, Raichart said he was making some bad life decisions and getting into trouble. So, like many young people lacking direction, he enlisted in the military. 

Tool Control & Process Management

From 1988 to 1993 Raichart said he traveled the world aboard an aircraft carrier for the U.S. Navy, with a Top Secret Clearance; working in avionics, radio, and radar communications, stating, “I enjoyed the demanding work environment and the fast-paced problem solving required to do the job.”

His time on the carrier was mostly spent on the flight deck; a physically demanding job that required mental alertness at all times. 

“The most important thing I learned was tool control and process management,” he shared. “Tool control in that environment is a matter of life and death as is proper adherence to process.”

To clarify, tool control involves keeping track of inventory for safety and to save money. It’s a real issue and asset across the board for the military and the corporate world, alike. 

According to NASA, the main objective of tool control is to reduce or eliminate accidents, loss of life, and damage to equipment – caused by the improper accountability of tools.

Process management, as referenced in BusinessManagement.com, involves defining a process, establishing responsibilities, evaluating process performance, and identifying opportunities for improvement.

The Navy straightened the young man out, and with these two skill sets under his proverbial belt, he landed a job as Chief Engineer at Hewlett Packard. He was charged with running a complex computer systems project that entailed managing global email installations for multinational companies.

Automating an Industry

Raichart said he started growing cannabis at home in 1999, and has been involved in the cannabis industry in one way or another now for many years, stating, “It was gratifying, to say the least, in going from a closet grow to heading up a multi-million dollar, international company.”

Tinkering comes easily to the inquisitive and natural born inventor, who has a history of creating gadgets and figuring things out.

“I love solving puzzles,” he said. “I invented temporary decals for vehicles. For example, flames you could put on your bike or car as long as you want, then peel off – car-wash-ready. I also invented a foam sword that made a loud intimidating noise when you swung it, but didn’t hurt when you hit someone with it. Another especially fun project was a menu board that uses laser and fiber optics to light it up.”

Raichart’s expertise in solving puzzles paid off when he founded GreenBroz, Inc., starting his foray into automation.

Its trimming machines are able to trim poundage of flower in record time, with its Model M dry trimming eight to 12 pounds in one hour, with several other machines trimming at varying amounts. Its Sorter sorts more than a pound a minute, with up to seven user-defined sorting sizes. The 420 Alchemist Extractor has a capacity of 2.5 cubic feet, yielding 15 to 25 percent by weight solventless extraction, with other machines equally impressive in output and efficiency.

Raichart said this new venture into an automated chain will help the industry step-up and compete in the world market.

“No one has created an end-to-end automated harvesting system to date,” he said. “We are really the first company nearing completion of this system. We’ve been working on giving the cannabis and hemp industries the equivalent of what’s available to the traditional agriculture market. It will solve a lot of problems for cannabis and hemp businesses in the U.S. and abroad.”

Streamlining refers to making automated harvesting systems the most efficient they can be to save time and money. Raichart said this also ensures the highest quality finished products. 

“The automated chain is also really important in order to prevent waste,” he added

The machines are connected with conveyors, able to collect data along the automated chain. Raichart feels this will allow the cannabis industry to make real world decisions based on real and accurate information – something that’s been lacking thus far in the manual production lines.

Hemp will be used to demo the new automated chain at the company’s Las Vegas location toward the end of the year.

What’s in Your Stash? Cullen Raichart, CEO GreenBroz, Inc.
Courtesy of Cullen Raichart

CBD & Corn Cob Pipes

More than a year ago, a motorcycle accident shattered his leg, raising his awareness of Cannabidiol, or CBD.

“In the X-Ray my bone looked like shards of glass had spread through my leg – it was really bad,” he said. “I ended up with a rejection rash from the plate they put in my knee. Nothing worked for the pain until I started on a strict regimen of high-CBD. It was a lifesaver, but also turned out to be a life changing experience.”

Raichart has never used pharmaceuticals. Even after the motorcycle accident he said he only used Tylenol post-surgery.

“I still use topicals regularly to manage residual pain from the injuries,” he said. “I believe the topicals are the main reason I’m doing as well as I am now.”

Picky about the quality of products he partakes, Raichart said he enjoys Hemp City CBD flower, sourced locally in Las Vegas.

On the tray is M Botanicals CBD/THC Balm, a handcrafted home brew CBD topical balm, and one of his daily go-tos.

The custom Dank Grinder was given to him from friends in the UK. 

The Bee Line Hemp Wax is for smoking out of the corn cob pipe. He also enjoys Blues Brothers’ Dogwalker pre-rolls, from Jim Belushi’s farm. And Flow Kana Minis pre-rolls are a go-to for quality.

“I enjoy working in this industry so much, because people are really creative and driven,” he said. “There’s a sense that we are all pioneering this new sphere together.”

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