Why Cannabis Belongs in Your Skin Care Products

Why Cannabis Belongs in Your Skin Care Products
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Have you heard about cannabis skin-care? There are thousands of skin-care products, systems and devices to choose from. Here’s why you should consider incorporating cannabis into your beauty regimen.

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When it comes to skin care, it can take years to fine-tune your routine. There are so many factors to consider! Everything from your age to your diet and lifestyle impacts your skin. Seriously. Everything. And even when you do manage to find a good skin care routine, it’s always subject to change. The products that worked for your skin when you were 15 are probably not going to be suitable when you’re in your 20s, and definitely not when you’re older than that.

There are also other factors to consider, like your genetics and hormone levels.

While many choose to consult with an aesthetician or a dermatologist to address their skin concerns, others may not have the means to do so. Instead, many turn to online sources to find skin care products that are available online or at their local drug store. And hey, those are totally legit. Why do you think that Clean & Clear, Neutrogena and Olay have survived so long?

But for some, the chemicals used in a lot of skin care products are too harsh. Retinol and beta hydroxy acid aren’t right for everyone! If you’re one of those people who can’t deal with the potential irritation (and skin purging) that is associated with most anti-aging and anti-acne treatments, what are you to do? Settle for less-than-flawless skin?

Hell, no!

Cannabis Skin Care

Put your best face forward with cannabis skin care products.

These products encompass everything: facial cleanser, moisturizer, eye serum, even bath bombs for total skin care. You can even make your own cannabis-infused face masks! What is cannabis skin care, you might ask? Simply put, they’re any skin care product that features either whole plant CBD or hempseed oil as an ingredient.

We know how CBD can benefit our minds and our bodies, and we know that hempseed is basically a super-food. But did you know that these ingredients are incredible for your skin?

Whole plant CBD and hemp-derived CBD are natural anti-inflammatories, which makes them ideal allies for combatting acne.

And because CBD (and THC) have antioxidant properties, cannabis skin care products can also be used to prevent and treat signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles.

CBD is also known to be an effective treatment for other various skin afflictions, like psoriasis.

A single, natural, non-irritating ingredient that treats acne, prevents wrinkles and alleviates psoriasis? Sign us up!

Final Hit: Why Cannabis Belongs in Your Skin-Care Products

When it comes right down to it, skin care is incredibly important. For many, a clean and clear complexion is the difference between a good day and a horrible one. It’s a major factor in confidence and self-esteem, and even how others see you (we know; it’s unfair).

In addition to incorporating cannabis skin care products into your daily routine, make sure you take other measures to protect your skin. It’s your largest organ after all! Wear daily sunscreen (yes, even on cloudy days!), maintain a healthy, balanced diet and stay hydrated!

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