Will Aaron Hernandez Get Away with a Marijuana Defense?

As Aaron Hernandez’s murder trial moves forward, accusations of heavy marijuana use are swirling around the case. But will such revelations ultimately help the defense’s argument?

The latest reefer revelation came on April 1, when former friend Alexander Bradley – who was allegedly shot in the face by Hernandez in 2013 –testified that Hernandez “chain-smoked marijuana” sometimes as much as an ounce a day.

The amount could be an exaggeration, given that it would require Hernandez to personally smoke something like 30 joints on a daily basis.

Bradley also told the court Hernandez stored blunts in a safe-box, along with money and a firearm – possibly the gun used to kill semi pro football player Odin Lloyd on June 17, 2013.

On March 30, Hernandez’s fiancée Shayanna Jenkins testified that a 40-pound box – allegedly containing the gun that killed Lloyd – that she helped move from her boyfriend’s North Attleboro basement after the murder “reeked of weed.”

Interestingly, defense attorney Michael Fee has not shied away from these accounts, utilizing the cannabis culture in which his client has been categorized to potentially convince the jury that Hernandez and Lloyd were bud buddies and that Hernandez would have absolutely no motive to brutally murder his toking partner.

It’s been confirmed Hernandez and Lloyd shared a joint the night Lloyd was murdered. And in Fee’s opening statement, he refered to Lloyd as Hernandez’s “blunt master.”

The prosecution rested on Thursday, with the defense expected to rest Monday, April 6 and jury deliberations commencing sometime next week to determine Hernandez’s fate.

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