Will This New Supplement Change the Way People Party for Good?

You love having fun and making memories. You love going to raves, concerts, music festivals and tearing it up during a night out on the town. But you know these experiences can come with a price—financially and physically.

Sure, we’ve all experimented with ways to make an event more fun, more chill, a more engaging experience. Who doesn’t want brighter colors? Vibey beats? To feel more “at one” with the party?

That said, getting your groove-on shouldn’t put your health at risk. And, aside from your health, there are obvious legal and moral reasons to move away from dubious and potentially dangerous substances.

But thanks to a magical plant from the Western Pacific Islands (with a little help from a potent chocolate extract), a company called Limitless Life is here to help “up” your celebration experience—while assuring you that celebrating doesn’t have to be dangerous or illegal anymore.

This cutting-edge supplement company has developed an all-natural alternative to popular illegal substances, changing “Where’s Molly?” to “Where’s KATY?”

You could describe KATY as the hotter, healthier, legal sister of Molly.

She promises a euphoric, love-filled experience, while potentially making your brain healthier. According to Limitless Life, KATY replicates the blissful feelings you’re after, without the harmful side effects.

The secret is a special type of organic nutrient called a “nootropic.”

You’ve probably heard of nootropics if you’re a fan of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” or follow Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Workweek.

According to Wikipedia, nootropics (also called smart drugs or cognitive enhancers) are supplements that improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.

When combined effectively in what are known as “stacks,” nootropics provide immediate enhancement to your body and mind. And they bring forth a slew of benefits to your health.

There are both synthetic and natural nootropics. But natural nootropic formulas, like KATY, avoid side-effects like the mental crash, post consumption feelings of depression, or imbalances to your central nervous system that harsher, chemically extracted products might present.

Limitless Life‘s KATY stack contains 15 natural components that, when blended and bonded together, result in heightened awareness, a boost in mood and emotions, an increase in sensory perception and an overall feeling of well being.

It also improves circulation and strengthens and repairs your nervous system.

So how does KATY work?

KATY sustainably stimulates four key mind-enhancing neurochemicals: dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and GABA. These four neurochemicals work cooperatively to produce various states of performance enhancement—from focus and euphoria, to joy and happiness, as well as excitement to intimate connection.

By creating an optimum balance between the nutrients in the nootropic stack, your body modulates the effects of these neurochemicals. It appears to be this process that keeps the effects of KATY engaging all night long.

One of the major nutrients in KATY’s nootropic stack is kava. Kava is made from Piper methysticum, a plant native to the western Pacific Islands. The name kava comes from the Polynesian word awa, which means bitter (the flavor of the classic native drink). In the South Pacific, kava is a popular social drink, similar to alcohol in Western societies. Kava has a calming effect, producing brain waves similar to diazepam (Valium). This allows the body to enter a sensory-heightened state that is also relaxing and free of anxiety.

“In some human studies, improvements have been seen after only one or two doses, and were maintained over the following few weeks,” Dr. Andrew Weil, the celebrity physician known as a holistic health and alternative medicine guru, explained. “Preliminary evidence suggests that kava may work as well for anxiety as potentially addictive benzodiazepine drugs.”

The challenge is that the effects from pure kava (and the active ingredients, including kavalactones) are too subtle to work well as a party enhancer. And it takes 20 to 30 grams (or two tablespoons) in an oil-rich liquid to achieve an kind of measurable effect.

But, thanks to a precision distillation process enhanced with Limitless Life’s proprietary sonic extraction technology, KATY contains a very high, extremely pure concentration of kava that creates a euphoric state often associated with popular illegal drugs.

The difference is, it’s in a single, capsule-sized dose. And not only is it legal, it is safe.

“Potentiating” the calming effects of kava, without causing drowsiness, was the next great challenge. (Think of potentiating as a way to amplify one nutrient’s effects by pairing it with another complementary element. Sort of like bacon and eggs).

In this case, Theobroma cacao beans—the heart of dark chocolate—provide a key magical element that brings kava to life, while also extending the experiential effects of KATY.

The theobromine element of the cacao bean is an exceptional antioxidant. And, it increases blood flow in the brain, which improves the cognitive effects of KATY. It’s also a mild stimulant and helps reduce fatigue. So, your dancing shoes stay active, and your mood stays positive.

Limitless Life tells us that the core nootropic in KATY is a very powerful, very popular Indian plant oil extract called Celastrus paniculatus, or “Intellect Tree Seed.” The extract used in KATY has been developed to help improve mental performance. Combined with the organic stack in KATY, it provides three critical elements: neuroprotection (protecting the brain from toxins and oxidation), neurogenesis (the stimulation of new brain cells) and improved decision making. (Not a bad combo when you’re partying all night.)

In fact, Celastrus is being used in clinical studies to slow Alzheimer’s and even reverse some factors in dementia. Medical studies back this up.

These three factors alone are significant.

But when a high-concentration of the key elements of Celastrus are stacked with kava and theobromine extract, the resulting brain activity is very powerful. The combination of neuro-stimulation, increased blood flow, oxygen transfer, GABA, serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine activities appears to present a perfect storm for releasing inhibitions, providing motivation, enhancing clarity and inducing euphoria.

In addition to being natural, Limitless Life has gone the extra mile to use the highest quality ingredients possible. The company works closely with a select, hand-picked network of private farms worldwide to organically and sustainably grow the plants used to extract their nutrients.

They even go so far as to put their plants into specific crop rotations with complimentary vegetables, fruits and legumes. This ensures nitrogen-rich soil that enhances the nutrient density of the KATY extracts. LimitlessLife calls it PlantToPill, which basically means that the KATY experience isn’t tainted with pesticides or other chemicals. The company feels this is very important to the integrity of the produce, as well as their customer’s health and wellbeing.

This all sounded less like a party solution and more like a holistic vitamin deal. How can a stack of nootropics and complementary nutrients and herbs produce such euphoric results?

So we started digging deeper. Beginning with Limitless Life’s Facebook page. Then, both broad and focused internet searches. And finally, actual customer testimonials. We found (mostly) rave reviews and testimonials from a wide range of people who have become huge fans of this interesting new product.

We decided we needed first hand experience, and so we passed the product to one of our friends to give KATY a try. When asked her about her experience, this was her response:

“I did it with my boyfriend. We followed the instructions on the website, we took two capsules with some coconut water (and a teaspoon of coconut oil, as suggested) on an empty stomach.

After about 45 minutes, I noticed that everything around me was looking brighter and shinier. I began to feel like my heart was so open, and I noticed my boyfriend was even more affectionate than usual—the two of us were really connecting on the ride over to the venue. Once we got out of our Uber and into the show, a feeling of euphoria totally kicked in. I felt so happy to be right where I was, surrounded by so many amazing people who were loving the music. Eventually, every cell in my body was tingling—it reminded me of that feeling that I get after I’ve had the most amazing sex ever!

According to the instructions, KATY is enhanced by moving, so we got on the dance floor right away. I LOVE to dance, but this time it was so different! Every movement I made sent a wave of pleasure rippling through my body and I felt totally energized. I wasn’t surprised when we checked the time and realized we had been dancing for four hours straight! Yes, we were drinking water—my boyfriend even had a couple of vodkas with red bull. We kept going until the early morning with no jittery feelings. When we woke up the following afternoon, there was no hangover, no crash, no nothing. We were a little tired, but otherwise we felt amazing.”

You can read more reviews here on their Facebook page www.ReviewKATY.com

Though the company recommends starting with one capsule at least 30 minutes after a meal, we found many of their users jump-started the process with two.

A Limitless Life spokesperson recommended one KATY to start, as body weight, physical condition, current meds, alcohol and other foreign elements can make a significant difference on an individual basis.

Based on what we could find, one capsule provided most healthy people with the equivalent of a nice, social anti-anxiety effect. Not too dissimilar to a bar drink. Once that effect was achieved, (roughly after 45-75 minutes), then adding another KATY to the process more than doubled the results, but without the classic side-effects of common drugs or “off-label” meds.

To ensure customers enjoy a full night of partying, and more, KATY comes in an easy-to-pocket test-tube of containing four capsules.

There is no doubt that Limitless Life’s brand new product, KATY, is changing the party scene. Hopefully, making it even better.

With significant coverage on the web and appearances at major events such as EDC in Las Vegas and Night Nation Runs all over the country, it seems that this is not just a trend. It appears KATY is here to stay.

If you’re seeking a safe, reliable, euphoric and illuminating experience. One that is also good for your mind, without the associated crash, hangover or depression common to illegal drugs and meds, you might look into KATY. You can have some of the most positive experiences of your life, safely and legally, with KATY by Limitless Life.

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