Woman Sues Cops Over Sexual Assault During Pot Search

Some misguided soldiers of the drug war have embarked on a despicable mission of highway lust and public shaming in their feeble attempt to eliminate marijuana from the mean streets of America. No longer is the typical roadside shakedown in the Land of the Free merely an inconvenient and sometimes anxious moment. For some, these stops have transformed into frightening occurrences in which law enforcement has the power to sexually assault those they suspect of possessing marijuana.

It is for this reason that Jennifer Stelly has filed a federal lawsuit against the Texas Department of Public Safety and several state law enforcement agencies for an incident last year in which a state trooper molested her along a busy stretch of freeway during a search for marijuana.

A report from KPRC in Houston, which includes dash-cam footage of the crude incident, indicates that Stelly and her boyfriend, Channing Castex, were on their way to Surfside Beach when a cop pulled them over for speeding. When the officer approached the vehicle he claimed to smell marijuana, which led to the boyfriend being handcuffed and tossed in the back of a police cruiser. Although the boyfriend admitted to smoking weed at some point during the journey, there were no remnants of marijuana to be found. This is when the officer suspected Stelly was the culprit holding the stash and radioed for a female officer to come out to the scene and conduct a search.

Yet, rather than examine Stelly in a civilized manner, the officer went rogue and began employing some deviant tickle tactics. “She started going into my clothing and she penetrated areas that I don’t wish to disclose at this point,” said Stelly. “I was scared. I was violated. I didn’t know what to do.”

To make the gruesome situation ever worse, Stelly says her freeway fingering took place as countless motorists slowed down to catch a glimpse of the pot-search peepshow. “I was afraid for one,” she said. “But more than afraid, I was publicly humiliated. I was violated in daylight.”

Stelly’s boyfriend bared witness to the entire greasy affair from the back of the patrol car and began to protest. “I was thinking that was wrong,” said Castex. “I was telling them stop this. Not right. You shouldn’t be doing this.”

In the end, there was no weed found on Stelly, Castex or even in the vehicle – they were clean, but left feeling as dirty as they had ever felt. Incidentally, one of the officers involved in the incident has been accused of similar proctological practices in two other controversial highway searches within the past two years. One of the cases has been settled out of court, while the other remains active.

Attorney Allie Booker, who is representing Stelly in her case, says these types of sexually invasive searches are a clear violation of the constitution and should be cause for the officer’s immediate termination. “It’s not right for you to sexually violate someone,” she said. “There is no clause in the constitution or any other law that allows you to do that so they need to be fired.”

Unfortunately, the use of public humiliation and sodomy has become an increasingly common occurrence in the long withstanding battle between drug seeking cops and the average citizen. Last year, police in New Mexico gave the rubber glove treatment to a man they believed to be holding drugs because he was allegedly clenching his butt-cheeks. After a roadside search uncovered no illegal contraband, the pigs had him admitted to a nearby hospital where doctors probed him numerous times and administered several enemas, even after x-rays showed no signs of drugs hidden in his body.

A Baltimore man filed a lawsuit against the city last year, claiming that police stopped him on his bike in a busy shopping center and proceeded to pull his pants down around his ankles and conduct a full cavity search before a crowd of onlookers. All of this because an officer thought the man was likely in possession of a controlled substance.

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