Women and Weed: 10 Reasons to Smoke Right Now

Women love weed, and they’re not afraid to show it! Stoner girls, celebs, and working moms alike are loving the leaf, loud and proud. Here are 10 ways in which marijuana is good for you, girlfriends.

1. Marijuana is medicine.

Marijuana can soothe menstrual cramps, headaches, and lessen the discomfort of period-related bloating. Not to mention, it can de-stress you from PMS! Keep a tincture in your bag to medicate when you’re on your moon cycle. A woman knows: every little thing helps.

2. It’s an equal-opportunity substance.

Stoner girls are representing more and more nowadays, banishing the outdated stereotype that smoking pot is for boys. Weed is for women, weed is for men… weed for everyone!

3. Smoking weed unlocks creativity.

From William Shakespeare to Willie Nelson, creative types throughout the ages have used weed to free their minds, dreaming up plays, paintings, poems, novels and songs. Famous contemporary creative women who celebrate the herb include Patti Smith, Roseanne, Charlize Theron, Sarah Silverman, and Susan Sarandon. Burn one down, sisters.

4. Pot brings you closer to your girlfriends.

Smoking weed with other women can be a magical experience, often resulting in amazing, hilarious conversation accompanied by crazy amounts of delicious food. There are invariably deep, emotional moments as well, since we like to be in touch with our feelings. That’s not to say that we don’t get just plain goofy. Roll a fatty for your next dinner party and enjoy the lady palace magic!

5. It can help you feel good about your place in the world.

Smoking can be uplifting. After sharing a joint with a friend, I took an evening bike ride across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was a heart-opening experience following a hard day’s work in the city; the breeze off the water, the moon in the sky, the clatter of a passing train, and a beautiful high made me feel perfectly at ease in the moment.

6. Lay claim to time that’s just for you.

It’s difficult to set aside time for oneself while balancing work, family, friends and lovers. Smoking weed isn’t a replacement for spending time with loved ones, but it can help you cherish the time you take for yourself. Turn off your phone, put on a favorite album, and float away on your own for a while. It will rejuvenate you.

7. The right weed can energize you.

Not all weed makes you lazy. Try smoking or vaping a sativa like Jack Herer in the morning; its lemony, refreshing scent and heady high will have you running circles around your espresso-addicted friends.

8. Being high can put you on the same wavelength.

Good weed can bring you closer to the one you love, if you’re sharing your stash. On the other hand, if you and your significant other are smoking different strains, you may feel distanced from one another. Be aware, and share.

9. It can help you see things from another standpoint.

Sometimes, when you’ve over-thought something, a toke is all it takes to freshen your perspective and allow you to see it in a different light. This can be especially helpful when you’re having an argument with someone important to you. Stop fighting for a moment, and pass the peace pipe.

10. It can help you test your own limits

As Reggie Watts says in our upcoming December feature interview, “I think that weed is kind of like when you see sports people training, where they have a parachute behind them or they’re in a swimming pool, and they’ve got all this resistance. That’s what weed is for me: It poses a challenge to be able to focus and let go at the same time, so you’re letting go but focusing in on a kind of pure connection to creativity.” We couldn’t put it any better ourselves. Find the December issue of High Times on newsstands Oct. 7.

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