8 Worst Portrayals of Weed In Television Shows

TV isn’t always entirely accurate. Especially about drugs. These are some of the worst portrayals of weed in television shows.
8 Worst Portrayals of Weed In Television Shows
Bwark Productions/ YouTube

7. “Louie”

Not surprisingly, this TV portrayal of weed relies pretty heavily on more classic, worn-out stereotypes about cannabis consumers. In particular, this scene gives us a stoner dude hanging out in the apartment all day, looking sloppy with torn up clothes, and just generally acting weird.

To top off the weirdness of the scene, when the characters move into the stoner’s apartment we see a woman lying on the bed asleep for no apparent reason.

Sure, Louie eventually ends up puffing a bit with the stoner character, but even that is characterized by an over-the-top reaction to today’s supposedly super-potent weed. All in all, this scene doesn’t really do anything positive or even all that accurate. It basically just paints a picture of weed smokers as lazy bums who act weird, sleep all day, and live self-centered lives.


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