8 Worst Portrayals of Weed In Television Shows

TV isn’t always entirely accurate. Especially about drugs. These are some of the worst portrayals of weed in television shows.
8 Worst Portrayals of Weed In Television Shows
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1. “7th Heaven”

Want to see the biggest overreaction to weed of all time? This is it. The entire family is at peak anger, disappointment, fear, and turmoil when it comes out that somebody in the group might be smoking weed. Good old pops even threatens to start drug testing everyone in the family.

From there, the family almost implodes as kids accuse mom of being the hopeless pothead, and siblings turn on each other. There is no redemption here. Weed is depicted as the worst possible thing to happen to a person and a family. This entire scene is basically an extension of how all those 1980s and 1990s PSAs wanted people to react to the supposed dangers of weed.

Final Hit: 8 Worst Portrayals of Weed In Television Shows

As you can see, the dominant theme of the scenes on this list is that many of the worst portrayals of weed in television shows rely on outdated, worn-out stereotypes about weed and the people who consume it. Each of these scenes is inaccurate and based primarily on negative, unproven, unrealistic, or overly-exaggerated stereotypes and myths that don’t really reflect the reality for most cannabis consumers.

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