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Zombies and Presidents: 10 Bizarre Pipes



While attending the C.H.A.M.P.S. trade show in Las Vegas, we came across the merchandise of Pichincha. The company specializes in Latin American handicraft, which includes a huge selection of pipes that are crafted to resemble monsters, pirates, aliens, zombies and U.S. Presidents. The bowl of each pipe is crafted from coconut. Here are a few scary smoking companions for your consideration!

President Ronald Reagan was the monster who ramped up the War on Drugs. We hate that smile!

Why is America obsessed with zombies? We prefer the Walking High to the Walking Dead.

Bill Clinton famously said, "I didn't inhale." So you can do the job for him.

It's always nice to own a pipe with a bite taken out of its face.

Some people have intense phobias about clowns. Thankfully, medical marijuana can reduce anxiety.

Lincoln has had cars and cities named after him. He appears on the penny and the $5 bill. But a Lincoln pipe is the highest honor the stoner world can offer.

Edward Scissorhands probably would have made a sensational pot trimmer!

George Washington was a hemp farmer who proclaimed: "Sow it everywhere!" We say: "Smoke it everywhere!"

If you believe in the Illuminatti, a secret society that controls the world, then you need to smoke up to reduce your paranoia.

President Obama, it's up to you! Reschedule marijuana now with an executive order and free the people!