5 Things Every First Time Dabber Goes Through

What Are Dabs?

When we’re talking about dabs, we’re referring to a relatively new method of consuming cannabis. A “dab” refers to an incredibly potent THC concentrate that usually has a waxy consistency. The concentrates are sometimes called wax or shatter. To enjoy a dab, you need to use a specialized set-up called a dab rig, a nail and a torch to heat up your wax.

Your first dab is likely a moment you’ll never forget—but you might not recall every detail of it.

It’s often a very intense feeling that rivals the first time you got high, and by that, we mean the first time you actually got stoned, not your first go at a bong. Anyone who thinks his or her tolerance is the strongest will quickly be reminded that there’s always something stronger ready to knock you down. Having your lungs packed with flavorful vapor can be overwhelming to a newcomer, on top of accepting the use of a torch and the unavoidable dab sweats.

For those that are curious, here are some things that every first time dabber goes through:

1. Accepting The Torch As Part Of Your Life

So you’ve signed up to take your THC intake to another level, but now you have to accept that you’ll be using a torch during your daily routine. Being cautious and observant while using a torch is encouraged to ensure safety while medicating. Knowing the full capabilities of the equipment you use is crucial to keeping yourself unharmed.

2. Figuring Out How Big Of A Dab To Take

The days of packing bowls to the gills are no longer relevant. Now, you’ll be scooping concentrates with a glass or metal stick (known as a “dabber”) to apply it to the dab nail. Remember that you can always go larger next time, but you can’t reduce the hit once you’ve dropped it onto the dish. With that in mind, try to stay under the size of a tic tac for your first few goes.

3. An Explosion Of Flavor Like No Other

When cannabis resins and terpenes are concentrated, the range of flavor available completely blows away that of flowers. The temperature of the nail greatly affects the amount and type of terpenes that you taste, usually with lower temperatures producing better results. A hit at a higher temperature reduces the flavor and increases the irritation to your lungs, so aim for the cooler side of the spectrum.

4. Lungs Full Of Vaporized, Concentrated THC

One thing that’s for sure is that lungs full of smoke are not the same as lungs full of dabs. The way that the vapor expands in your lungs packs a punch that is likely to make you cough. Try not to hold it in for longer than a few seconds or it will only worsen your coughing fit. It’s important to remember that the struggle to breathe will subside, and if you go a little bit smaller next time, your reaction should minimize as well.

5. The Dab Sweats

Anyone that says smoking weed isn’t a workout has obviously never taken a hit from a rig before. Besides coughing like a maniac, the second most common side-effect associated with dabbing is sweating like you ran a mile. The calories burned may not match up, but with a solid indica, you could find yourself in bed within an hour after you exhale. If the sweats are an indicator of anything, it’s that you should stay especially hydrated while taking dabs.

  1. My partner in crime turned me onto dabs acouple of years ago. Been thru alot of torches. Vap pens, electric nail is the way.live resin lol is the cit

  2. Advice for 1st time dabbers. If your first dab comes from your son, sit your ass down before dabbing. Lol it was an awesome experience. I love it. From a grandmother of 9.

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