9 Incredible Dab Videos You Need to See Today

Photo by Justin Cannabis

Everyone knows that when you want to get fucked up, you go for the dabs.

Wax is very potent when it comes to THC, and for the uninitiated, it can be quite a shock when it hits. For experienced smokers, it’s all about seeing how many you can take before your throat gives out.

Here’s 10 dab videos winners, failures and everything in between.

1. This 22-Gram Dab

A man hits a 22 gram dab continuously for about five minutes, while I start having a coughing fit the moment the smoke hits my lungs.

2. 10 Dabs in One Breath

2. The only thing more surprising than taking 10 dabs is being able to do it in a single breath.

3. 23 Gram Slab Dabs


If this 23 gram slab of wax doesn’t get you excited, nothing else will—though, come on man, there are better ways to hold it!

4. This 31 Gram Double Dab Rig

The double dab rig is cool enough, but watching him keep his cool through 31 grams of dabs is hella impressive.

5. Another 27 Gram Dab


The huge dab this guy hits isn’t what is worth watching for—its his hilarious facial expressions as he fights onward to finish the bowl.


6. Epic Bong Dab Hit Fail

Not all dabs go well—we all have that friend smoking for the first time who doesn’t know what he’s getting into. Let this be a lesson to all the new would-be dabbers out there!

7. Super Milky Dab Hit

Check out the milky, creamy texture the smoke takes on around 2:40. Almost good enough to drink, but probably not very tasty.

8. Dabs Off the Stove

While we admire this smoker’s ingenuity when faced with a problem, putting your rig on top of a stove is probably one of the worst ideas you can have, regardless of how high you are.

9. Grandma’s Gram Dab

Finally, who doesn’t love a smoking granny? This senior shows she can take dabs just as well as any youngster out there, if not better.

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