Did This Guy Really Just Dab A Tide Pod?

WARNING: Do not try this at home.
Guy Dabs A Tide Pod In The Tide Pod Challenge

The tide pod challenge is a fad we’d hope would pass sooner. Unfortunately, the internet has embraced it and media coverage has done nothing to deter it. According to the latest statistics, its still going strong. To make matters worse, this horrible trend made its way into the world of weed when one dingus decided to dab a tide pod with his bong.

What Is A Tide Pod?

Did This Guy Actually Dab A Tide Pod?

Tide pods are colorful, they smell nice and they’re squishy enough to easily bite through. They’re also toxic, especially when ingested. As a result, there has been concern about their appeal to children. The fear was mainly surrounding small children ingesting them. However, the number of teenagers and young adults consuming them since the “tide pod challenge” first went viral is alarming.

What Is The Tide Pod Challenge?

Did This Guy Actually Dab A Tide Pod?

The American Association of Poison Control Centers noticed an increase of intentional exposures to tide pods among teenagers. Not even a month into the new year, there have already been well over 100 reports of exposure to the packets of laundry detergent with numbers increasing towards during the second half of the month.

Despite coverage by mainstream media about the dangers of consuming them, the number of exposures to the detergent capsules continues to increase. Videos of teenagers or groups of them eating tide pods continue to be posted on social media platforms.

Guy Dabs A Tide Pod In The Tide Pod Challenge
Tide Pod Challenge overdoses in January. Credit: American Association of Poison Control Centers

Guy Uses Bong To Dab A Tide Pod

What would drive a man to dab a tide pod? We assume he was seeking overnight fame and judging by the number of followers he has accumulated thus far, it worked. A man used his dab rig and quartz banger in one of the worst ways possible. He got the nail hot with a torch and then pierced a tide pod, allowing the liquid detergent to spill, pooling into the bucket of his banger.

To make matters worse, he didn’t allow the nail to cool. Doing dabs of cannabis concentrate at very high-temperatures releases noxious chemicals. Replacing the concentrated cannabis with highly concentrated and toxic detergent makes things far more dangerous.

Unfortunately, the hot dab didn’t serve as a lesson for him. We thought the video would end with him being hospitalized or dying. Instead, he completed the challenge by biting into a tide pod at the last second. You could still see the smoke coming out of his banger from the burning detergent.

Final Hit: Don’t Dab A Tide Pod

Guy Dabs A Tide Pod In The Tide Pod Challenge

It already goes without saying that you shouldn’t eat a toxic packet of detergent. We’ve already seen tons of consequences from eating tide pods. In fact, one teenager suffered burns to his stomach and lungs just by eating it. Vaporizing or smoking a tide pod is probably even worse for the body.

The guy in the video seems to have survived but he only inhaled briefly and we don’t know what he went through once the video ended. A lot of the people doing these challenges probably know better but want the attention. To compete with celebrities and people who already have followings on social media, people are taking drastic measures to go viral.

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