How To Get Reclaim Out Of Your Oil Rig

When it comes to smoking dry herbs, you really want nothing to do with the resin that is left in your pipe. But in terms of dabbing, reclaim has been proven to contain medical benefits when ingested orally or applied to the skin in combination with things like coconut oil. You can collect anything that gathers in a drop down by slightly heating the glass and dripping the oil on to parchment paper, but anything left in your rig needs to be cleaned out using alcohol.

If you’re looking for a safe method to collect your reclaim, follow these 8 steps.


Hot plate
Pyrex dish/lid (a cooking-safe Silicone mat will do)
190-proof Everclear
Paper towels or Res Caps
Razor blade
Access to warm water


1. Start by filling your empty rig with enough Everclear to cover the dirty portions on the bottom. Make sure to add slowly and carefully. You can add more as you go, but dumping out any alcohol will cause you to lose some reclaim if you use too much.

2. Plug both the mouthpiece and glass joint with pieces of paper towel or something similarly effective like Resolution Caps.

3. Once you’re sure nothing will come spilling out, carefully but actively shake the alcohol around in your glass to help the resin break down.

4. If the reclaim isn’t breaking away from the walls, run hot water over the outside of the glass to remove it with heat.

5. After you’ve seen satisfying results following steps 3 and 4, pour the alcohol into the Pyrex dish.

6. Put the Pyrex dish with Everclear on the hot plate at the lowest temperature and allow the reclaim to evaporate. Never use an open flame to heat the dish because alcohol is very flammable.

7. Once the hot plate has evaporated the liquid from your collection, give the reclaim another day to air dry. Once you’ve given it a day and you’re ready to collect, use something frozen on the back of the plate to help your reclaim stabilize.

8. Using a razor blade, scrape the slightly stable reclaim and gather it up. You can now use this for cooking or transdermal application.

Even though your rig will look a lot cleaner than it did before, chances are it’s still cluttered with resin. If your glass is still dirty after collecting your reclaim, the easy fix is to use alcohol and salt, like Youtuber HighFromPiper explains in this video:

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