Making Dabs with BHOGART

I recently had the pleasure of relocating to California and have begun adapting to the more sophisticated style of growing and more importantly extract making. My new articles will reflect this upgrade and provide some insight into growing in larger rooms or using professional setups like closed loop extraction systems.

I had the pleasure of meeting the boys from BHOGART extractions, and they provided us with a five-pound unit that we could test. Prior to this I had tremendous experience in making bubble hash or solvent-less extractions, but had only really blasted butane through a glass tube. This would be an interesting test. I had the pleasure of working with an extraction artist named Dubcitydabz and we were all set use our new BHOgart system.

The unit is very well made, and it was nice to tour their warehouse and check out all the different sized systems. We got a run through from their technical guy who actually started off as their customer, but was so taken by their product that he started working for them.

The extraction unit is surprisingly easy to set up and use; it makes the extraction production like a science experiment. These close loop systems are a long way from blowing gas through glass tubes in your backyard.

I would recommend a close loop system to any one attempting any kind of extraction as working with chemicals like butane can be exceptionally dangerous. Please remember that these systems are meant to be used outside or under lab conditions with proper exhaust and fire control.

Our first run came out amazing, big yield and amazing color. You could immediately see the purity of the product. Also once we got the hang of how the unit functioned it was surprisingly smooth sailing.

I sat down with the owner of the company, Tom, and got to ask him a few questions. I was interested in how he had gotten started. He said that it came from seeing massive expansion in the extraction market.

Tom has always been fascinated by the inner workings of these closed loop systems, and as the market expanded he saw a niche he could fill. He felt that with his team of engineers and scientists he could compete in this burgeoning market, and the rest as they say is history.

What makes the BHOGART unique is that they listen to their customers, so that each version of the extraction system has been improved directly with customer feedback in mind. They are working with an engineer to have a certified system which will be available within a month. They are also working on inline de-waxing systems, larger extractors and a special system that will allow customers to take their darker colored products and lighten them.

For new releases and product information check them out here.

Keep on growing!!!!

Any questions? Feel free to email me at!

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