Product Review: The G Pen Hyer Is The Crossover Vaporizer for Dab Purists

Out of the gate, this device intimidated the crap out of me.
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I’ve smoked cannabis for over twenty years now, and I’ve never really been about torching dabs. Spoiler alert: not a big rig guy. It’s just such a pain sometimes to clean and maintain. Your torch runs out mid-dab, a banger shatters because you let the new guy do it himself, all the sticky dab tools and isopropyl alcohol—it’s a lot. Or maybe I’m just high maintenance and prefer the alternatives.

Conversely, I’ve been someone who’s enjoyed vaporizer devices since my first chalked up balloon almost two decades ago. In my professional experience, I’ve tried almost everything on the market at this point. And if the G Pen Hyer is anything like their other Roam and Micro+ models (both of which I own), it gave me all the confidence in the world that this vaporizer would be just as fun and effortless to use. 

As you might imagine, burning your finger with a flaming torch or scolding yourself on hot glass is something you probably aren’t fond of. Burnt bowl pieces and bangers are usually par for the course for any avid smoker. You know who you are. Finding that perfect temperature each time for every type of cannabis extract is an art that most everyday smokers may never master. Then came along the G Pen Hyer. No more burnt coils from overuse. No more piping red hot glass. I’m talking about full flavor and maximum power. On its highest setting the Hyer hits like a true glass dab rig—like a truck. On its lowest setting you get a full entourage effect of flavorful terpenes and psychoactive cannabinoids. It truly is one of the best crossover electronic devices for cannabis that I have ever experienced. It’s like the Keurig for concentrates.

The G Pen Hyer is a dual-use, smart-heating, portable e-rig that you can use with any concentrate, and even flower. It’s designed to pair with any glass-on-glass water piece and includes a big quartz chamber heating element slide piece that’s tethered magnetically to a diesel-looking battery, boasting an LED color-coded user interface with five temperature and timer settings to optimize each individual experience. The temperature range for the concentrate tank starts low at 482 degrees and rises up gradually in increments of 90 degrees, all the way up to 842 degrees. The dry herb tank’s temperature settings start much lower at 356 degrees and increase slowly at 18 degree increments up to its hottest setting at 428 degrees. So, I figured the best way to review this product would be to try out both concentrates and flower at each of the five temperature settings to see how the incremental increases affected the cannabis itself. I did this for over a week to get a true feel for the device and to understand how each different cannabis product tasted and burned.

One thing I found was that the power on this rig was really legit. It boasts a powerful 6,000mAh lithium-ion battery with rapid, pass-through charging via USB-C: meaning this thing pumps energy and charges fast. I gave it a full charge when it arrived and have used the Hyer at least 3 times a day for a week, mostly on lower temperatures mind you. Even as I write this review, I still haven’t had to charge it again. Another cool feature is the quartz tank itself which is quite large and has plenty of room for over a half gram. The concentrate cap, which is magnetically attached and made of anodized aluminum with a ceramic liner, has dual airflow holes for smooth functionality. It includes a stainless steel wax tool that can be screwed into the top or side of the tank cap for easy placement and accessibility. The Hyer gets bonus points for that little feature.

Some of my findings I couldn’t be more thrilled to share. I had a lot of skeptical friends, many of which in the cannabis industry who are hardcore dabbers, that couldn’t imagine not using a torch. The Hyer changed those mindsets. This is the first e-rig or vape device that I’ve gotten big clouds with and gives you a flavor profile that is second to none to other high-end vape devices. Choosing the right temperature and duration of your burn is what makes all the difference. 

G Pen
Courtesy G Pen

I found that for solventless rosin products and live resin extracts it was best to maintain the lowest setting (Blue) at 482 degrees for forty five seconds to ensure full flavor without burning off the delicate terpenes. A ‘low-temp’ dab, if you will, allows for these chemical compounds with lower combustion points to be fully absorbed into your lungs, not burnt off before you can benefit from them. At that range you’re getting the most medicinal properties from the plant, as well. When I bumped it up to 572 degrees (Aqua) and kept the same time setting, I found the live resin hit more powerfully with similar flavor, but the rosin lost some of its tasty punch. Cured shatter and badder tasted nicely at this setting too. Once I bumped the heat up to the Green (662) and Yellow (752) settings, I dropped the duration down to thirty seconds. This allowed for me to get a more concentrated, formidable hit without burning out the dab first. The Red setting is definitely where the OG dabbers want to be, as it’s surprisingly equal to any high end glass and torch. I recommend at least a quarter gram or more, as this setting will definitely burn your concentrate fast. You may want to drop it down to fifteen seconds to better control the heat.

Another cool feature is that G Pen offers a dry herb tank attachment that can be used to vaporize flower. This can be easily screwed into the slide piece to replace your concentrate tank. This tank starts at a lower temperature, so I found that ramping it all the way up to the Yellow and Red setting was best for burning flower. It needs to be ground up finely and packed loose, otherwise the top has a hard time burning through. The flavor is that of most electronic flower vaporizers, but I could definitely taste the difference when bouncing from different genetics. For me though, it was hard to compare once I’d tried the concentrate tank. That was the game changer. The Hyer makes me a believer that tech can compete with glass now. It made me remember how much I love the smell and taste of extracts oozing and bubbling throughout the house too. I’ve been smoking more concentrate now than I have in months!

The G Hyer is one the most innovative and rad products on the cannabis device market right now. It gives you the best of both worlds of glass and cannabis technology. It’s simple to use, easy to clean, has a long-lasting battery, delivers elite flavor, and packs a punch that dab purists can appreciate. At $249.95 the Hyer is a bargain when you compare it to the competition. This little baby is my new living room centerpiece now and she won’t be going anywhere for a long, long time.

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