Stoner Throwback: The Debut of Dabs

The first time that High Times featured dabs on the cover of our magazine was October 2012.

Fresh off the heels of our third NorCal Medical Cannabis Cup (Tickets are on sale now for our 2015 NorCal Cup!), it was clear that dabbing was hot. And despite the controversy surrounding concentrates, dabs are still the main event three years later!

Below, check out an abridged excerpt of an editorial that ran in this iconic issue. To access the full article, head HERE.

If you attended the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Richmond, CA this June—or any of our other recent events—you know that “dabbing” is all anyone in the cannabis community is talking about. Like it or not, dabs are hot—but the phenomenon raises a number of issues.

How pure are your concentrates? Is butane hash oil (BHO) effective as medicine? And most importantly, is ingesting it safe?

These are some of the issues I tackle in this month’s cover story “To Dab or Not to Dab?” by providing a forum for a panel of experts to examine the dos and don’ts of dabbing.

Of course, when it comes to marijuana as medicine, there’s one trusted name that we always defer to—Dr. Lester Grinspoon. Here’s what the good doctor had to say on the subject:

Read the complete article, plus access all of High Times’ archives and all new issues at

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