The Ultimate High Times 710 Gift Guide 2021

Nothing will make 710 better than dabs, dabs, dabs! Check out our guide to all things gooey.
710 Gift Guide

710 is here, and we couldn’t be more stoked to finally get outside, enjoy the good weather and the fact that we can actually get together with friends. And nothing makes a special day better than dabs, dabs, dabs! With that in mind, here’s a guide to all things 710. Oh, and if flower is more your jam, check out our 420 gift guide from April.

Bloom Farms—Live Resin

710 Gift Guide
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Named for the freshness of the plant, Bloom Farms Live Resin offers an unparalleled balance of authentic flavor and high potency.

CO2-cured flower extract remains a quality choice for an accessible balance of potency and overall experience. But a unique step of flash-preservation gives Bloom Farms Live Resin extract a sharper focus on the plant’s unique terpene profile for a superior mix of palate-pleasing taste and high potency. While cured flower extract feels more similar to smoking hash, the exquisite, terpene-rich flavor of ultra-fresh Live Resin extract is more reminiscent of rosin extracts.

Price: $30-70 MSRP depending on type and/or strain

Rocket Seeds—Chemdog Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Catching a whiff of this weed will tell you right away that it is Chemdog From Sunwest Genetics. It’s a world-class, potent strain that is a sativa-dominant hybrid with THC levels up to 23 percent, so expect to have a cerebral high from this strain. Chemdog is popular for extraction, perfect for 710. The Chemdog genetics are a product of crossing a Nepalese and Thai Sativa. Its unique, pungent aroma screams chemicals and diesel all the way! We hope you have a safe and fun 710!

Price: $65.00 – $240.00

Boundless Technology—Terp Pen XL

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The season of 710 is here, and whether you’re a serious dabber or microdoser, the Terp Pen XL is about to become your favorite dabbing device. Boundless Technology was established in 2016 to spread aromatherapy awareness at an affordable price. At $59.99, the Terp Pen XL is not only one of our most affordable units, but also one of our most versatile.

The XL comes with three temperature settings for your preference and ease of use. The magnetic cap also contains a quartz-lined container for on-the-go storage and consumption. To use your Terp Pen XL, simply remove the magnetic cap, choose your preferred temperature setting, inhale through the mouthpiece and then apply the coil to your desired amount of concentrate to enjoy. Boundless Technology aims at delivering an efficient and straightforward experience for the consumer, and the XL is by far the best way to do just that!

Price: $59.99

Jetty Extracts—Jetty Solventless Vape

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Made entirely without the use of solvents or chemicals, Jetty Solventless Vape is the cleanest vape you can get. Jetty’s unique, ice-water extract is made simply using ice, water, heat and pressure, with an extra purification step that boosts potency and delivers consistent flavor from start to finish. Discover why it’s this year’s High Times Cannabis Cup Best Vape.

Price: $60

Ispire—The Wand

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Welcome to the dabbing revolution. Our sleek, portable, eNail dab kit includes the first ever eNail to use induction heating. It gives you the power to select your desired temperature for the perfect dabbing experience every time. With The Wand, you’re in control.

Price: $169


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HELMET HEAD makes sleek-looking, practical, smell-proof bags that keep your concentrates, oils, herbs and accessories organized and safely protected.

This unrivaled line of cases and bags are proud to be odor-proof, weather-proof and lockable all-in-one. These bags are also lightweight and compact, making it easy for you to take your essentials wherever you decide to go.

Every HELMET HEAD bag features five layers of protection and is lined with a thick, activated carbon layer that absorbs and traps even the strongest of odors. The addition of a combination lock keeps kids, pets and nosey roommates at bay.

Price: $22.99-$64.99

Advanced Nutrients—Big Bud Liquid

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If you’ve been growing for a while, chances are, you’ve already heard of Big Bud®, Advanced Nutrients’ legendary bud bulker for maximum yields. So, what exactly makes it the best-selling bloom booster in the world? The secret lies in an optimal ratio of phosphorus and potassium delivered to your crops, amplifying yields that burst with heavy, potent buds. Simply put, it’s a tried-and-true method for unleashing massive flowers.

Price: Varies

Hemper—The Hemper July Space Box – #1 Smoking Subscription Box

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This 710 is going to space and back to the ‘90s with a sick, Space-themed box. Now, you may ask, what is Hemper? It’s literally the easiest way to shop online and be surprised with the latest themed glass bongs, dab rigs and smoking accessories. Sign up for just $39.99 a month, and get over $100+ in necessities shipped right to your door now.With all of it brought discreetly right to your door, and you can always level up to their XL box for huge pieces and even more swag.

Price: $39.99

Advanced Nutrients—B-52

A grower favorite for years, Advanced Nutrients’ B-52® delivers a robust menu of ingredients for unlocking the true potential of cannabis. And adding this one product to your feeding program can make all the difference in supporting vigorous vegetative growth and a robust flowering phase. Packed with a readily available, plant specific B-vitamin dose, kelp, and an essential nutrient blend, this premium additive is a must-have for strengthening stalks, stems and buds, keeping plants resilient throughout both the grow and bloom phases.

Price: Varies

Eyce—Eyce Spark

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The Eyce Spark glass rig is the premier product of the Eyce ProTeck™ Glass Series. The line boasts the elegance of glass encased in the durability of platinum cured silicone allowing you to take the glass sessions you love to all new heights. The Spark is a borosilicate rig encased in a protective platinum-cured silicone ProTeck™ sleeve.

Each Spark comes equipped with a battery-powered, white, LED light; concentrate bucket; flower bowl; steel poker, tool holders and hidden storage. Additional LED colors are available with the purchase of the Eyce LED Expansion Pack. The LED Expansion Pack includes 5 LED lights—red, green, purple, white and disco—a strobing party light.

Price: $89.99

Stoner Strategies—Trippy Eats: A Cannabis & Psilocybin Cookbook

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Head down the rabbit hole belly-first with Trippy Eats: A Cannabis and Psilocybin Cookbook, the third, mind-altering cookbook created by Ava Tyler and published by Stoner Strategies. Learn how to easily turn your stash of concentrates and magic mushrooms into 35-plus cannabis- and psilocybin-infused recipes like ahi tuna bacon deviled eggs, lobster ravioli pasta salad, birria tacos with consommé, vegan cheesesteaks, Cajun cornbread muffins, banana bread, homemade marshmallows and mixed berry champagne gummies. 

Plus, you will get an in depth look into the science behind cooking with cannabis and psilocybin. Available October 17, 2021. Preorder @

Price: $25

Goody Glass—Goody Glass 4-Pice Mini Rig Kits

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A new generation of mini rigs has arrived! Goody Glass brings you a series of collectible, miniature rigs made to put the “fun” back in function. These rigs have been specially designed to cool down your vapor while minimizing air contact, so that you get the most flavorful hits every time. Each rig has its own, unique function and personality, so collect them all while you can!

Price: $67 – $99

Advanced Nutrients—Bud Ignitor

Courtesy of the company

The transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage can be a frustrating waiting game. And most growers will do anything they can to steer their plants in the right direction, so that the plant can start building buds as soon as possible. That’s where Advanced Nutrients’ Bud Ignitor® comes in, a leading plant potentiator used in the beginning of the bloom phase. This popular additive optimizes conditions for a stronger start to flowering, while providing cannabis plants with the specialized nutrition they need to maximize explosive yields.

Price: Varies

Lifted Made’s Flagship Brand: Urb Finest Flowers—1+mL Super Disposable

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The new, 1+ gram Urb Disposable Vape is a custom device with 420mA battery and retrofitted with completely dialed in and tested airflow to ensure the best temperature, flavor and no clogging. Each device is equipped with a recharging port to ensure no oil is wasted. The Urb Disposable is the first to market with “super” strains, including formulas boosting Sativas with Delta 8 and Delta 10, Hybrids with Delta 8 and CBD and Indica’s with Delta 8 and CBN.

The following “super strains” are available:
Ekto Kooler – Hybrid (Delta 8 & CBD)
Maui Wowie – Sativa (Delta 8 & Delta 10)
Pink Cookies – Indica (Delta 8 & CBN)
Afghani Thai – Indica (Delta 8 & CBN)
Sour Dream – Hybrid (Delta 8 & CBD)
Urban Tundra – Sativa (Delta 8 & Delta 10)
Orange Creamsicle- Hybrid (Delta 8 & CBD)
Blackberry Kush – Indica (Delta 8 & CBN)
Lemonade Kush – Sativa (Delta 8 & Delta 10)
Double Bubble OG – Hybrid (Delta 8 & CBD)

Price: MSRP $34.99

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