Watch This Guy Dab Using An Active Lava Flow

Watch: Guy Dabs Using Lava Flow
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Every day we come across a fascinating new way to consume cannabis. This time, a guy dabs using lava flow to heat his quartz banger. It’s not the most convenient way to dab, but it’s definitely the sickest method we’ve ever come across.

Guy Dabs Using Lava Flow

Rajahstafari_dabs is an Instagram user and the guy who dabs using lava flow. If you peep his ‘gram you’ll see he loves two things: dropping fat globs and the beautiful view of Hawaii. He recently realized he could bring his two loves together. Why waste butane and carry around a torch when you can just marshmallow roast your quartz banger?

Using a long metal rod, Rajahstafari_dabs lowered his quartz nail into Dabte’s Inferno. He even dropped it a couple of times, but it survived a fall and bounced off of volcano rock. This dab was meant to be. After dropping it directly into lava and leaving it there for long enough, it was time to fish the banger out.

After failing to retrieve it with the metal rod, he quickly grabbed it with a towel over his hand.

“I’m going to go ahead and try to drop this right on my rig here,” he said while guiding the nail to his piece as quickly as possible. Hopefully, he didn’t burn his hands in the process.

The clip then cuts to him throwing the carb cap on his banger. After a quick exhale he adds, “lava dabs baby.”

This guy brought a bunch of high-end glass to a lava bed for the ‘gram. Looks like you get what you pay for, his banger survived several drops and the heat of flowing lava. Not to mention, he timed the cool-down perfectly for a low temp dab. It didn’t puddle, but it didn’t instantly vaporize away. Once the carb cap settled on top of the banger, it instantly milked up.

We don’t recommend trying this at home.

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  1. This rajah guy is a total jerk, he goes around bullying random people all the time. Not a good look for the High Times.

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