12 Highly Rated Cannabis Edibles

When shopping for cannabis edibles at a dispensary, there’s a few helpful ways to evaluate products before you buy them. First, consider your THC dosage limitations and your desired experience. Are you happy with 10 milligrams of THC intended to slightly enhance a weekend movie marathon? Or do you need 100 milligrams or more to quell chronic pain? Seeking a sleep aid that’s high in THC but low in calories? Looking for something to ease sore muscles while maintaining wakefulness?

In today’s crowded edibles marketplace, there are options designed to fit every expectation, so check out these fantastic new products, and find the one that’s right for your needs.

It’s nice to be able to consume an entire THC treat, so look for your desired dose in a satisfying portion size.

Make sure that the edible you choose has the THC content listed in milligrams, along with lab-tested results.

Packaging should display clear, concise advice on how much of the product to eat, as well as allergy warnings, an ingredients list and nutrition facts information. In general, a business that spent time designing appealing, professional packaging and informative labeling is likely to have put a lot of effort into perfecting their product as well. Companies that provide a website or 1-800 number for customer questions are more reliable than those who advertise only on Instagram.

If you’re trying cannabis-infused edibles for the first time, start with a low dose of just 10 to 15 mg of THC and wait two hours for the effects to kick in fully.

A group of judges rated the following cannabis edibles on a scale of 1 to 5 in categories including taste, potency, appearance, originality and healthfulness, along with answering specific yes or no questions about the packaging and label information. The average scores of the judges were combined with lab-tested results to determine the ultimate winners of the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cup competition.

US Cup First Place Winner

Tea Pot – Calendula Guava Mango Black Tea by Honey Pot

An original concept executed almost perfectly, this tea was infused with a canna-coconut oil that provided a dose of 25 milligrams of THC. Pairing this tea with an infused honey would be heavenly. With a relatively low dose of THC, this product could be recommended for new users, seniors or health-conscious consumers who aren’t looking for tons of added sugar or fat along with their edibles dose. One bit of constructive criticism would be for the labeling to clearly state that one tea bag could be considered two doses.

One judge loved the taste, exclaiming, “I’d be even more interested if they produced a 100 to 150 milligram dose using the same blend that was just as easy to drink!”

Colorado Cup First Place Winner

The Crescendo Collection by The Grow Foundry DBA Coda Signature

Presented neatly in a gift-worthy box, this collection of six low-dose cannabis truffles wowed judges with the level of professionalism, earning praise such as “masterfully crafted and visually stunning.” Three flavors include Burnt Caramel, Earl Grey and Juniper Lemon, and each truffle is dosed at 10 milligrams of THC for an elevated indulgence.

US Cup Second Place Winner

Altai XXL Chocolate Espresso Pips by Altai 

These chocolate-covered espresso beans come with 20 servings of 25 milligrams of THC for a total of 500 mg per package, making these a wonderful option for high-tolerance patients to munch on throughout the day. Lab test results show that a pip tested at 29 mg of THC, slightly above the listed dosage. Nicely labeled, low in calories and infused with a sativa strain for added energy, these espresso beans provide a synergistic effect between the caffeine and cannabis that seasoned edibles eaters can appreciate.

“I am very glad to see an Altai product that is up in the 500 mg potency range,” one judge remarked, and the praise was universal across the board, with another judge opining that the Chocolate Espresso Pips were “the bomb! Well dosed with great effect. Professional as can be!” Hopefully we’ll see more high-dose products from Altai, since experienced patients who require more THC also appreciate predictability and quality ingredients.

Colorado Cup Second Place Winner

Blueberry-Chamomile FlasQ by MarQaha

From a previous Cannabis Cup champion comes this enjoyable drink dosed with 90 milligrams of Indica-derived THC in a 2 ounce “Flasq.” Judges were pleased with the flavor and lauded this product as “extremely healthy” with fantastic labeling containing “everything I needed to know.” It’s slightly difficult to measure a proper 10 milligram dose from this small bottle, but that’s the only area where this product could use improvement.

US Cup Third Place Winner

Lorax’s Cannaracha (made with CannaSutra OG oil) by CannaSutra Collective with Lorax Labs

This spicy sriracha-style sauce was a big hit with judges. Packing 400 mg of THC into 2 ounces of sauce allowed judges to sample a 50 mg dose of THC in a 1/2 tablespoon of sauce.

One judge raved, “I think I had the most fun with this one… I had it in soup, I had it in a taco, I had it in my dad’s old ‘secret sauce’ for chicken fingers.”

Using cannabis condiments allows for much greater versatility and flexibility with integrating THC into a healthy diet. While Lorax has a fantastic product on their hands with this sauce, it would be better if the packaging was upgraded with dosage advice and more legible nutrition facts, as well as ingredients and allergy warnings.

Colorado Cup Third Place Winner

Salted Pistachio Mint Bar by Incredibles

Popular, reliable and successful, Incredibles cannabis-infused chocolates have placed several times in past Cannabis Cup competitions, making this chocolate a highly recommended option for adult fun or medical pain relief. This white chocolate bar has a “yummy salted pistachio mint taste” according to judges, and a perfect lab test result so you can be assured that each square really does contain 10 milligrams of THC. The entire package measures at 100 milligrams.

Honorable Mentions

Best Low-Dose Edible for a New User

Lord Jones Natural Fruit Gumdrops

A very promising entry, these gumdrops arrived in luxurious packaging with the tagline “For Your Royal Highness,” designed to appeal to high-end heads. Nine naturally-flavored gumdrops contain 10 milligrams of THC each, making it easy to decide how many to eat. The gumdrops taste great, and with only five simple ingredients, they make for a very gourmet ganja gift option. Judges were uniformly positive, saying, “We all adored these gumdrop candies, and appreciated that they were flavored and colored naturally. The packaging is just lovely, though perhaps a little extravagant!”

Most Reliable Pot Chocolate

180 mg Indica Apricot Chocolate by Daydreamers Chocolates

Delivering a precise dose can be difficult for start-up edibles companies, but Daydreamers Chocolates is a past Cannabis Cup champion with a great reputation for reliability. Each of the six servings contains 30 milligrams of THC, packaged individually in a blister pack. This new apricot-flavored bar pleased judges with an “amazing mix of dark chocolate, apricot and cannabis,” leaving them to opine that “when medical cannabis becomes legal for recreation this would be top shelf.” Other judges were “very pleasantly surprised by the flavor and the fruity, lightly perfumed fragrance of these chocolates.”

Favorite Low-Dose Capsule

Mini Canna Capsules (Sativa) by CannaPro

These low-dose vegan capsules arrive in a childproof bottle containing 40 small caps at 10 milligrams of cannabis each. Judges enjoyed the small size of these capsules, which make swallowing easier. The packaging and labeling delivered helpful information and excellent dosage advice—great for patients who need a reliable low dose in a familiar, non-threatening format.

Most Promising Newcomer

Chocolate Caramel Kettlecorn by Cannavore with TJ’s Organic Gardens

Judges were enthralled with this professionally presented, sweet-and-salty, chocolate-covered kettle corn.

“The packaging is very visually pleasing!” stated one judge, but others were concerned that the labeling described 50 milligrams of THC as one serving, when it would really be five servings for a new user. Lab test results showed that this product came in higher than 50 mg, so be prepared for more THC, rather than not enough, when consuming this product. This kettle corn came close to the winner’s circle, but a few judge’s samples were slightly stale, and there was some bloom on the chocolate, so we’re waiting for Cannavore to come correct next time!

Best for High Tolerance Patients

White Chocolate Lemon Bar by FlavRx

This zesty lemon bar impressed judges with its great taste, including one who appreciated the “absorption improving qualities of all the lemon zest and oils,” helping to improve the bio-availability of this item. With 18 square easily marked for accurate dosing, this bar was supposed to contain 18 servings of 10 milligrams of THC each. However, lab test results showed that it over delivered, with each square containing about 14.3 mg of THC rather than the stated 10 mg, so choose this chocolate if you’re able to handle more euphoria than predicted.

Best Cannabis Coffee Drink

Canyon Cultivation Coffee

A very attractive product for coffee lovers, this low-dose drink arrives professionally packaged, much like mainstream coffee drinks. Judges loved the packaging and the taste, with the only criticism being the low dose of only 10 milligrams of THC per bottle. While this dosage limitation is a Colorado state regulation, judges would have liked the 10 mg of THC in a smaller bottle, or perhaps a six-pack to enable those with higher tolerances to consume more. Perfect for taking the edge off of a morning caffeine dose without creating much inebriation.

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