Baked Science: Canna Crisp Chocolate Bars

Welcome to Baked Science, a new series of cannabis-infused edible reviews featuring test results from SC Labs.

This chocolate peanut butter Cannabis Crisp candy bar from Edible Ideas is very satisfying, with great taste in a fulfilling portion size. Basically a peanut butter Rice Krispie treat covered in caramel and dipped in chocolate, the flavors are reminiscent of my childhood favorite “Whatchamacallit,” except with the subtle hint of cannabis in the background. Harborside Health Center reports that this is one of their best-selling edibles, with two pricing tiers: $10 for 4 doses, and $15 for 8 doses. I chose the 4-dose candy bar, hoping for mild relaxation and help sleeping.

As far as packaging goes, the Canna Crisp arrives in standard tamper-proof foil, with a label that needs more information. “Medical cannabis” is listed very prominently, which is always appreciated to help prevent accidental ingestion. Ingredients and dosage are given, but the print is small and hard to read. Nutrition facts and allergy warnings would be helpful, as this product contains dairy, gluten and nuts. The dosage is given as 80 milligrams of THC, with “4 Doses” in a larger burst. There’s two pieces of chocolate candy inside, I’m assuming each with 40 mg of THC for 20 mg per dose, which is a reasonable amount.

However, why not go a step further and advise consumers “Contains 4 doses of 20 mg THC each. Start with one-half of a piece of chocolate for one dose and wait two hours after ingestion to see how it will affect you”? Dosage advise that instructs patients how much to eat is extremely helpful for new users of your product.

Being a nitpicker, I noticed several typos in the fine print on the label, with lecithin, package and even cannabinoid spelled wrong. Be sure to hire a proofreader before you print labels, people! It seems like such a small thing, but it’s really important to appear professional in every way.

I started off eating one chocolate piece at 6:43 p.m., hoping for a 40 milligram dose of THC. My husband cut the second piece in half to ingest 20 milligrams. Canna Crisp is so tasty I would have immediately eaten more, but I decided to be responsible and patient. By 7:14 I was starting to feel a bit tired, and by 7:31 I was definitely giggly and noticing the edible starting to come on.

At 8:44, I had incredible cottonmouth and was definitely feeling the THC, but I was more tired than high. My eyelids were heavy but my vision had a slight psychedelic tinge to it, colors seemed more vivid. Two and a half hours after ingesting, by 9:13, I was completely relaxed and pain-free, drifting towards sleep. I didn’t wake up again to take notes until approximately 4:20 a.m., when I deliriously got up off the couch, turned off the lights and went to bed. When I got up at 8 a.m., I felt like a million bucks after some solid “super sleep” and wasn’t groggy at all.

The lab-tested results from SC Labs show that the THC content is very close to what was listed on the label, with 74.18 milligrams present and no THCa content at all, meaning the infusion process at Edibles Ideas is very efficient. 1.93 mg of CBN could explain the intense sedative effect, although THC also sedates most people when eaten. At $10 retail price, the chocolate peanut butter Cannabis Crisp provides a milligram of THC for about 13 cents. All in all, a good deal for a tasty product that contains just about as much THC as promised!

High Times is proud to work with SC Labs to create a new series of cannabis concentrate and edibles reviews written by Elise McDonough, author of The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook and Marijuana for Everybody! Featuring lab-tested results will allow us to inform and educate consumers of cannabis-infused products as to their potency, efficacy, safety and value. We look forward to providing this valuable service together for the millions of readers of You can follow SC Labs on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, and look for #BakedScience and #LabTestedEdibles posts!


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